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Author,/Singer/ Songwriter/ adoption activist. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Maybe an advertised, ‘RT Spring Fling Dance Concert’ somewhere like, ‘The Space’ in Westbury NY.? |  He was a sweet man, previously a stable boy. I’m not Chopin with wild mood swings. For more about Thompson, visit Posted by Danny Coleman on Published November 7, 2014 “Beneath My Father’s Sky,” is a one woman play written and performed by Montclair, NJ resident, musician, actress and model Zara Phillips. Sometimes I write something and I think, ‘I love that line.……, RT @KeanStageSteve Activist from ’60s comes to vivid life in ‘Fannie Lou Hamer, Speak On It!’… via @NJArtsDaily, RT @BotanikaLinden Janis Ian makes her Better Times Project a group effort… via @NJArtsDaily, Makin Waves Record of the Week: ‘American Patriot’ and ‘Us’ by Bruce Tunkel. Our stages are still silent. His songs reflect that attack, as well as the ending of one relationship and the beginning of another. The song tells the story of an independent young woman during the Summer of Love with the backdrop of the Vietnam War; her desire for freedom ends up leading to a complicated life. Indeed, I have seen Richard perform 2-3 times a year from 1995 until present.. And doing the math in those parameters it averages to about 62 times. Perhaps Richard is correct in his speculation that much of his audience is made up of nerds and college professors. Richard Thompson, in a 1991 publicity photo. We don’t know.’ But in Sufism, if you do this, that will happen. Not mentioned is RT’s wonderful wife of 30 + years, and the fact that his current fling with Zara Phillips has broken up his marriage. This is a superb interview, respectful and knowledgeable on the part of the interviewer. I love going to a resort, where I can write the darkest songs you can imagine, sitting on the beach, dipping in the pool. And rain to wash it all away Visit Also, the times we live in, when democracy is breaking down here and in Europe … that gets reflected in some ways in these stories.”, He explained that because the songs were written in a short period of time, “you overlap vocabulary (and) musical and lyrical chords predominate because that’s what you are feeling at the time, so that there’s a thing that makes it hang together.”, The album’s title was inspired by his travels. Eventually, he decided that rock ‘n’ roll was far more exciting, and came to understand that youthful boredom inspired his storytelling. And you wouldn’t want me any other way.”. Hard weather and hard booze Other Works I attract an inordinate amount of college professors to my gigs. “Sandy (Denny) would tell me stories about Annie Briggs, who was her best friend and a traditional singer.

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