the spanish holocaust review

Also, as a Balearic resident I was sad that there was so little mention of this part of Spain but it is very possible that no real records exist here, it being such a closed-off and well-controlled spot. First, the writing is dense and chapters go on and on forever in unrelieved narrative for 40-50 pages. Preston is meticulous attempting to account for every person murdered during the period. It’s just one after one after one incident - its 120 pages till you get up to the coup. Regardless, it definitely left me with the understanding the period was a terrible time to be alive for any person on any side of the many fences in Spain. The author of this 700+ page history of the Spanish civil war is the foremost scholar of Spanish history in the U.K. The psych toll of a book like this most be incredible. Words do change their meanings. | The rebels, a mixed group of Africanistas, Legionnaires, Falangists, Carlists and the Catholic church, led by the military General Franco, undertook industrial scale terrorism in a pre-planned and systematic way. The gratuitous cruelty alone is incalculable. This is the climate in which the campaigning magistrate Baltasar Garzón sought an indictment of 34 former Francoist leaders, the Generalísimo himself among them, for crimes against humanity, even though they were all dead. I thought the style might change after that but it doesn't - if anything it gets even harder to read as the atrocity level and torture mounts up. It remains a stain on this country that we gave tacit support to Franco. But it’s just not written in a reader friendly way. First let me address the title of this book “The Spanish Holocaust”, the use of this word was in my opinion a mistake on the part of the author, no matter how hard he tried to justify its use in the prologue, me thinks he tried to hard, or as the case may be not hard enough in finding a suitable title for his word. © Copyright 2020 Kirkus Media LLC. BIOGRAPHY & MEMOIR GENERAL HISTORY Fascinating and balanced, it's provided me with an insightful introduction into this most divisive of wars. HOLOCAUST “A fin de proteger los pilares de ese régimen, en las áreas ocupadas por los rebeldes las víctimas inmediatas no fueron solo los maestros de escuela, los masones, los médicos y los abogados liberales, los intelectuales y los líderes de los sindicatos, es decir, los posibles diseminadores de las ideas. Having made my first trip to Spain during Franco's rule and hanging out with the student strikers/shutdown universities in 1971 my naiveté at the danger that still existed at that time is amazing. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The Spanish Holocaust: Inquisition and Extermination in Twentieth-Century Spain, by Paul Preston, is a blow by blow account of the atrocities commuted by both rebel and Republican forces during the Spanish Civil War in the mid-1930's. An unremittingly brutal no holds barred account of atrocities of this dark and morbidly compelling conflict. And believe me I really wanted to read this book. La matanza se extendió también a quienes habrían podido recibir la influencia de sus ideas: los miembros de un sindicato, los que no iban a misa, los sospechosos de votar al Frente Popular, las mujeres que habían obtenido el sufragio y el derecho al divorcio...”, Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction Nominee (2012), Duke of Westminster Medal for Military Literature Nominee (2012), The Spanish Civil War (fiction and nonfiction), Shortlist for the 2012 Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction, Readers’ Top Histories and Biographies of the Last 5 Years. Howard Zinn One of the most impressive things about it was a general refusal to dwell on the past. | An obvious example is the fact that most of Franco’s descendants still live in Spain. Preston tells with a lot of precision and a readable style all the atrocities committed during and after the civil war. Marion Wiesel RELEASE DATE: March 5, 2012. Justice wasn’t done, the wicked weren’t punished and the brave idealism of ordinary Republicans remained buried – literally so in the case of thousands whose bodies still lie in mass graves. Interesting view on how the Spanish Civil war started, relating to what most people would consider a horrible event in our recent history, a genocide of a race. Zinn has no doubts about where he stands in this "people's history": "it is a history disrespectful of governments and respectful of people's movements of resistance." To hear Zinn tell it, all anyone did in America at any time was to oppress or be oppressed; and so he obscures as much as his hated mainstream historical foes do—only in Zinn's case there is that absurd presumption that virtually everything that came to pass was the work of ruling-class planning: this amounts to one great indictment for conspiracy. Spain’s transition in the Seventies from dictatorship to democratic monarchy, though perilous, was extremely well-managed and has so far proved durable. Using techniques of terror perfected against the Moroccan population, Franco and his hardened Africanistas moved to subjugate Madrid by slaughter, dismemberment and rape. | Spain’s problems are as bad as those facing almost any country in the EU. Paul Preston, in a hugely well-researched and documented book, sweeps away the lies, false memories, propaganda and well-hidden secrets to reveal the atrocities that took place before, during and after the war on both sides, the Republicans and the rebels. This is not an easy book at all. This is the background, too, to Professor Preston’s meticulous cataloguing of atrocities in The Spanish Holocaust, which won the History Prize of Catalonia when it appeared in Spain last year. This is clearly a very well-researched piece of work, and I found it horrific but very interesting. This book, the dubiously named "The Spanish Holocaust," analyzes through a hard Left lens the killings of the Spanish Civil War. No other book that I know of is so revealing. When priests not only advocate the execution of the opposition but actually do the executing one has to wonder, if there is an afterlife, where those priests are today. The recent prosecutions of Garzón himself on various charges, some more convincing than others, have had the predictable side-effect of giving a new kind of platform to people seeking, they say, not vengeance but just a public acknowledgement of various facts about the dictatorship. This is an extremely painful book to read. I'm afraid I gave up on this.

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