social housing eligibility

This is the only evidence provided or necessary to show the New Zealand citizens are holders of a Special Category Visa. Household types are based on the number of adults and children in a household. To be eligible for social housing, the client must be able to sustain a successful tenancy. Some examples where entitlements may differ include: There are certain situations, which may determine or affect an applicant’s priority for public housing and the type of housing they receive. We acknowledge the ongoing connection Aboriginal people have to this land and recognise Aboriginal people as the original custodians of this land. You can't apply for council housing if you're an asylum seeker but you may qualify for asylum support. To be eligible for housing in a high demand area the client, or a member of their household, must have: In addition, the client must be able to demonstrate all four of the following: A client must show that the requested area will have a direct benefit in terms of their health or wellbeing, or that of other members of their household. For the purposes of this policy New Zealand citizens granted a Special Category Visa who are classified as Protected and not under a sponsorship arrangement are considered permanent residents. Specific conditions for former social housing tenants or occupants. To be eligible for social housing, clients must: Notwithstanding anything in this policy, a client may be ineligible to be placed on the NSW Housing Register if: DCJ or the community housing provider will be guided by information provided by the NSW Police Force or Corrective Services NSW as to the likelihood of the above occurring. An applicant may demonstrate that they have an urgent housing need if they are experiencing one or more of the following: For more information, go to Eligibility for priority housing – urgent housing needs. Income and assets are assessable for people who are aged 18 years and over, or the client and/or their partner if either is under 18 years of age. In order to qualify, you must be eligible for social housing and you must be in need of social housing. They do not need to provide details of the Centrelink benefit change, as the provider will then request this electronically from Centrelink. This is about your residence or immigration status. However, DCJ or the community housing provider will use their discretion as to providing other housing assistance, such as temporary accommodation or private rental assistance, to the client. To be eligible for public housing, EEA applicants normally need to show that they have meaningful work in the UK (including being self-employed). Find out about residence and immigration conditions that affect who is eligible to apply for a council or housing association home. When the client advises a social housing provider about a change in household circumstances, that provider will consider whether the changed circumstance could affect the client’s eligibility and, if so, re-assess the application and determine whether the urgency or complexity of their circumstances has changed. Eligibility for social housing – entitlements, Information required to substantiate housing needs, Urgent need for short-term emergency accommodation, Assessing a client’s ability to resolve their urgent short-term emergency housing need, Eligibility for priority housing – urgent housing needs, Factors that make it difficult to rent privately, Eligibility for priority housing – evidence requirements, Evidence to support request to live in a high demand area, Community Housing Complaints, Issues and Appeals Management Framework, New South Wales (NSW) residency or an established need to live in NSW, and, citizenship or permanent residency of Australia, and, any land or property you or anyone on your application own, or part own, and, your ability to sustain a successful tenancy, without support or with appropriate support in place if applicable, and, repayments of any former debts to a social housing provider if applicable, and. They consider: you will be put on your local authority's housing waiting list. Providers class legitimate business expenses as any expense essential for producing an income. Clients who do not meet the eligibility criteria for social housing, but who are in need of short-term crisis housing, may be assisted with emergency temporary accommodation in a social housing property for a period of up to three months, however in cases of a natural disaster a client will be offered a two-year lease. If you do not provide the minimum requirements listed above, the application will not be accepted and assessed. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Proof that the client receives a primary support payment from Centrelink is sufficient to demonstrate Australian citizenship or permanent residency. In situations where a provider has reasonable grounds to suspect that a child or young person is at risk of significant harm, they will act in accordance with the Children and Young People At Risk Policy.

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