ruslan and ludmila poem summary

when the villain, The mighty hand of his You tore off the marriage bed, hoisted, as a whirlwind, to the clouds Through the heavy smoke and air gloomy And suddenly sped away to his mountains - You lost the feelings and memories And in a terrible castle wizard, Silent, trembling, faintly, In an instant, she found herself. However, she feels empty without Ruslan. And I was brave knight! There is a well learned cat who paces to and fro under the tree, trying to recount stories and songs but who is unable to remember more than the first few lines of each. The hero of the poem, Ruslan, is modeled on the traditional Russian epic hero. For the opera by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, see Eugene Onegin (opera). He soon forgets Ludmila. Cheerful noise subsided guests, It does not go cup pie ... And he sees among visitors In the battle slain Rogdaya: Killed as a living sitting; Openennogo of glass is he, cheerful, drink and not look On astonished Ruslan. Ruslan languished in silence, And the meaning and memory lost. From the hills cliffs tears, everything breaks down, all crushes sword - Pergolas, grove upadana, Dreva, bridges in the waves of dive, Steppe exposed Circle! With hope, faith fun Go to all, cheer up; Forward! Ruslan awakens the head, which becomes angered and begins to taunt him. Accomplishing a fierce battle Rogdai, He drove a dense forest; Before him opened a wide dol When the glare of the morning skies. What's the story of my fun Now you fly vosled And the lyre muse wayward Of lying pretty convinceth. But Lyudmila inconsolable Goes, are not looking; Luxury magic her loathsome, She is sad bliss bright appearance; Where to, without knowing, ferments, Magic Garden Circle bypasses, Giving freedom to the bitter tears, And the eyes of gloomy erects By the unforgiving skies. But at this time prophetic Finn, Spirits mighty lord, In his serene desert, With a calm mind waiting, That day, the inevitable fate, It has long been foreseen, rose. And the dream of a prophetic dream hero: He sees, if Princess Over the terrible depths of the abyss Standing immobile and pale ... And suddenly disappears Lyudmila, It stands alone over the abyss, he ... a familiar voice, rallying moan From a quiet abyss flies ... Ruslan strives for wife; Flying headlong into the darkness of deep ... And suddenly he sees before him: Vladimir, in high Gridnitsa, In a circle of white knights, Among the twelve sons, With a crowd of these reviews He is sitting at tables Bran. You remember eh Nezhdanov meeting? Finally, a chance thrust of his flailing sword knocks the hat from her head. Ruslan returns to Kiev, Chernomor still in tow, and leads the city's warriors to victory. 980-1014 г. Another editorial comment by the author, who bemoans better days gone by. But to return to the same hero. Rogdai flies to gully; Cruel sword already listed; "perish, quake! 980–1014" (Великий князь Владимир, названный в крещении Василием. Ludmila eludes Chernomor’s henchmen by remaining invisible, but then is tricked by the wizard into revealing herself when he takes the form of Ruslan and calls to her in his voice. Take a quick pencil, Draw, Orlovsky, night and sechu! Ruslan, vexation in the heart cut, Threatens to silence her spear, Shakes his hand free, AND, zadrozhav, damask cold Stuck in insolent language. "On the field, field, who you Is littered with the bones of the dead? Well, our prisoner is now! Ruslan returns to Kiev, Chernomor still in tow, and leads the city's warriors to victory. But, good Knight, day passes, And the rest is necessary for you ". Our elder knight fell at the feet Therefore with joy him kiss his hand. — Marriage our secure ... Their ideas are not so terrible husbands, young virgins. — Here fate had sent me a guest! Heavenly thunder clap on the topic, And there was silence - And in light Kiev Princess Before Vladimir rise From enchanted sleep ". Opponents same road All together, go all day, Dnieper became dark Breg sloping; From east pouring overnight shadow; Fog over the Dnieper deep; It's time to rest their horses. suddenly struck down by a terrible rumor, On-law inflame anger, Its courtyard and it convenes: "Where, where Lyudmila? Now that Finn had helped Ruslan, Naina will hate him as well. Trembles as the sheet, dare not breathe; Hladeyut Persians, gaze darkens; Instant sleep from the eyes of runs; not sleeping, doubled vnimanye, Motionless staring into the darkness ... all gloomy, dead silence! Or daring rival will come?.. said, disappeared. But something good, our knight? Suddenly he finds Farlaf; Looks, and hands down; So far, amazement, anger It features VIEW; Skrypya teeth, speechless, Hero, s head ponyksheyu Soon after driving GTR ditch, Furious ... but barely, barely I do not laugh at him. The poem was the basis of an opera of the same name composed by Mikhail Glinka between 1837 and 1842. Come on secret vocation, come, of young traveler! Come with me; saddle horse!» And witch cat turned; saddled horse, she started; Paths dark oak Behind it should Farlaf. Knight flushed with delight Ludmila already forgotten captive Recently cute beauty; Languishing sweet Desire; His wandering gaze shines, AND, eager with expectation, He melts hearts, he burns. I'm going, food, not whistle, How naedu, not launched!», Then, by numbing fury, Constrained anger flaming, Nadulas head; as fever, Bloody eyes sparkled; Napenyas, lips quivered, from the mouth, ears rose couples - And suddenly she, what was urine, Towards the prince began to blow; In vain horse, zazhmurya eyes, Skloniv head, natuzha chest, through the whirlwind, rain and gloom of night Invalid path continues; aghast, blindfolded, He rushes back, iznemozhennый, Far away in the rest. Ruslan, you lost Ludmila; Your firm spirit loses power; But evil will rush a quick moment: At the time, grasped the rock you. Opening the chamber door, she discovers a marvelous garden to rival Solomon’s. — I said to Carla, - I'm ready; Go, even beyond the light ". hush, hush, wait! Humbly heed Chernomor; Home, he set off with the knight; Flies - and instantly found himself Among its terrible mountains. However, his lover is in a trance and does not hear him calling. My bizarre dream Breastplate sometimes indiscreet, I told, as the dark night Lyudmila delicate beauty From sore Ruslan Suddenly the fog hid among. He sees only the flying feathers, Flying Wind Named. Alas, blame herself; He deceived me, unhappy! In an evil devil in his hands; There's nice to finish; For three days we bilisya; moon Above the battle was rising three times; he fell, a young Princess I got into the hands of sonnoyu; And who will interrupt this wonderful dream? But soon the poor Princess He loses his delusion Again, sad and alone. suddenly, he Sturdy steel helmet Invisible hand struck; Blow fell like thunder; Ruslan lifts vague glance And see - right on the head - With podayatoy, terrible mace Charles flies Chernomor.

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