oregon state demographics

We combine elements of racial, geographic, age and gender diversity to create a total diversity grade for every school. "2006 Oregon full-year resident tax form instructions". The Columbia River delineates much of Oregon's northern boundary with Washington, while the Snake River delineates much of its eastern boundary with Idaho. Some hospitals are operated by multi-state organizations such as PeaceHealth and CommonSpirit Health. This university is ranked at #585 in male to female diversity nationwide. Hydroelectric power, food, and lumber provided by Oregon helped fuel the development of the West, although the periodic fluctuations in the U.S. building industry have hurt the state's economy on multiple occasions. Data collected during the census is critical for helping guide how many dollars in federal assistance Oregon will receive over the next 10 years to fund our schools, hospitals and roads. Also in 1841, Sir George Simpson, governor of the Hudson's Bay Company, reversed the Hudson's Bay Company's long-standing policy of discouraging settlement because it interfered with the lucrative fur trade. In Oregon the Great Basin merges with the High Lava Plains. The forested mountains of western and northeastern Oregon have supplied the traditional core of the state’s economy. High technology industries located in Silicon Forest have been a major employer since the 1970s. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Tourism is centered on the state's natural features – mountains, forests, waterfalls, rivers, beaches and lakes, including Crater Lake National Park, Multnomah Falls, the Painted Hills, the Deschutes River, and the Oregon Caves. The male to female ratio at Oregon State is excellent. Western Oregon's climate is heavily influenced by the Pacific Ocean; the western third of Oregon is very wet in the winter, moderately to very wet during the spring and fall, and dry during the summer. After Oregon was admitted to the Union, it began with a single member in the House of Representatives (La Fayette Grover, who served in the 35th United States Congress for less than a month). [21][22] The stickers are sold by the University of Oregon Bookstore.[23]. By 1778, the spelling had shifted to Oregon. While there is considerable evidence that Paleo-Indians inhabited the region, the oldest evidence of habitation in Oregon was found at Fort Rock Cave and the Paisley Caves in Lake County. Oregonians have voted for the Democratic presidential candidate in every election since 1988. Oregon is a state in the Pacific Northwest region on the West Coast of the United States. Oregon became a state on February 14, 1859, and as of 2015[update] has more than four million residents.[48]. [108] Oregon has the third largest amount of food stamp users in the nation (21% of the population). The undergraduate population is comprised of 13,763 males and 11,936 females. Eugene is home to three private colleges: Northwest Christian University, New Hope Christian College, and Gutenberg College. The 1850 population is for the area in present-day Oregon; it does not include the entire territory as legally established. [209] OSU is the state's only land-grant university, has the state's largest enrollment for fall 2014,[210] and is the state's highest ranking university according to Academic Ranking of World Universities, Washington Monthly, and QS World University Rankings. [177] Of the state's total population, 22.6% was under the age 18, and 77.4% were 18 or older. A measure to legalize recreational use of marijuana in Oregon was approved on November 4, 2014, making Oregon only the second state at the time to have legalized gay marriage, physician-assisted suicide, and recreational marijuana. Students who express that diversity in college is important to them are looking for institutions to offer a variety of curricular and non-curricular opportunities to learn from and learn with people of different ethnicities, races, ages, abilities, sexual identities, classes, and religions. Oregon pioneered the American use of postal voting, beginning with experimentation approved by the Oregon Legislative Assembly in 1981 and culminating with a 1998 ballot measure mandating that all counties conduct elections by mail. Intel, the state's largest for-profit private employer,[133][134] operates four large facilities, with Ronler Acres, Jones Farm and Hawthorn Farm all located in Hillsboro. Oregon has supported Democratic candidates in the last eight elections. The tax funds Portland school teachers, and art focused non-profit organizations in Portland. Cranberry cultivation in Oregon uses about 27,000 acres (110 square kilometers) in southern Coos and northern Curry counties, centered around the coastal city of Bandon. However, the region's sparse population means the more populous counties in the Willamette Valley usually outweigh the eastern counties in statewide elections. The Columbia Plateau marks the northern limit of the Great Basin, part of the Basin and Range Province. Oregon's state bird is the Western meadowlark. Federal payments to county governments that were granted to replace timber revenue when logging in National Forests was restricted in the 1990s, have been under threat of suspension for several years. [182][183] According to a 2009 Gallup poll, Oregon was paired with Vermont as the two "least religious" states in the United States. Oregon is also the home of large corporations in other industries. Omissions? Another account, endorsed as the "most plausible explanation" in the book Oregon Geographic Names, was advanced by George R. Stewart in a 1944 article in American Speech. [211] OSU receives more annual funding for research than all other public higher education institutions in Oregon combined. [74][75] At the outbreak of the American Civil War, regular U.S. troops were withdrawn and sent east to aid the Union. One of the court's meeting places is at the Pioneer Courthouse in downtown Portland, a National Historic Landmark built in 1869. "Harrington confident about Detroit QB challenge". [136] Oregon is home to several large datacenters that take advantage of cheap power and a climate conducive to reducing cooling costs. The web services and tools provided here are currently in the beta stage. There are 12% more male students than female students enrolled at Oregon State University with a gender ratio of 53% men to 47% women. In 1994, Oregon adopted the Oregon Health Plan, which made health care available to most of its citizens without private health insurance. Admitted to the union as the 33rd state on February 14, 1859, Oregon comprises an area of startling physical diversity, from the moist rainforests, mountains, and fertile valleys of its western third to the naturally arid and climatically harsh eastern deserts. Evidence of the French Canadian presence can be found in numerous names of French origin such as Malheur Lake, Malheur River, Grande Ronde, Deschutes rivers and the city of La Grande. In addition, the multipurpose development of the Columbia River system provides huge quantities of electricity, water for irrigation and industry, shipping channels, and water for recreation. Oregon Birth Data 2017; Oregon Birth Data 2017 State Rank* U.S.** Percent of Births to Unmarried Mothers: 36.2: 34th: 39.8: Cesarean Delivery Rate: 28.1: 37th: 32.0 Profile of General Demographic Characteristics, Census 2000, Top Ten Closest U.S. Presidential Elections, State Abbreviations and State Postal Codes, This List of Favorite Islands will Make You Remember Why You Loved Poptropica So Much, Households with individuals under 18 years, Households with individuals 65 years and over, Average household size of owner-occupied unit, Average household size of renter-occupied unit. In 2004 and 2006, Democrats won control of the state Senate, and then the House. [44], Oregon's northeastern portion has a steppe climate, and its high terrain regions have a subarctic climate. The state supreme court has seven elected justices, currently including the only two openly gay state supreme court justices in the nation. Portland has also been named the best city in the world for street food by several publications, including the U.S. News & World Report and CNN. Professor of Geography, Oregon State University, Corvallis. Updates? Another early use of the name, spelled Ouragon, was by Major Robert Rogers in a 1765 petition to the Kingdom of Great Britain. [116] The slowing of the timber and lumber industry has caused high unemployment rates in rural areas. [201] The state's own projections forecast a total population of 5,425,408 in 2040. The recession and dot-com bust of 2001 hit the region hard; many high technology employers reduced the number of their employees or went out of business. [205], Especially since the 1990 passage of Measure 5, which set limits on property tax levels, Oregon has struggled to fund higher education. [143], Oregon's biennial state budget, $2.6 billion in 2017, comprises General Funds, Federal Funds, Lottery Funds, and Other Funds. 155 Part 1: Proceedings and Debates of the 111th Congress: First Session", "Oregon's Forests: Some Facts and Figures", "Oregon is top timber producer in worst year", "Mammals: Pocket Mice, Kangaroo Rats and Kangaroo Mouse", "Oregon's only moose herd thriving, up to about 60", "Moose enter Oregon, so are grizzlies next? Oregon's boundaries were disputed for a time, contributing to tensions between England and the U.S., but the border was defined peacefully in the 1846 Oregon Treaty. Eventually politicians from the south agreed to allow Oregon to enter as a "free" state, in exchange for opening slavery to the southwest United States.[73]. [48], Oregon was the nation's "Top Moving Destination" in 2014, with two families moving into the state for every one moving out (66.4% to 33.6%). While about 47% of the population of Oregon lives in the Portland metropolitan area as of 2013, the state has a rural population with generally conservative views on state taxes. At 11,249 feet (3,429 m), Mount Hood, a stratovolcano, is the state's highest point. Intel has been a top employer in Oregon since 1974.[142]. Since then, Oregon has cut its higher education budget and now ranks 46th in the country in state spending per student. At Oregon State University, 48.5% of students are in the age 18 to 21 bracket, compared to the national average of 60%. Google operates a large datacenter in The Dalles, and Facebook built a large datacenter near Prineville in 2010. [82], During the 1970s, the Pacific Northwest was particularly affected by the 1973 oil crisis, with Oregon suffering a substantial shortage. Copyright© 2019 Suburban Stats, Inc. All Rights Reserved. [171] The five largest ancestry groups were: German (19.1%), Irish (11.7%), English (11.3%), American (5.3%), and Norwegian (3.8%). Columbia River Gorge, Oregon-Washington border. This chronicle is the first topographical and linguistic source with respect to the place name Oregon. [52][53][54][55], The first Europeans to visit Oregon were Spanish explorers led by Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, who sighted southern Oregon off the Pacific coast in 1543.

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