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Find Tickets. Find Tickets. Looking at the latter two seating sections in the same shot should give you an idea of just how steep the red upper deck seats are — something that is often another sign of a 1990s-era ballpark. Carolina Mudcats vs. Lynchburg Hillcats Five County Stadium - Zebulon, NC. It wasn’t too long ago that these seats were an anomaly, but I’m now seeing them almost everywhere I go. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Opened in 1991 to coincide with the team moving to town, the stadium has a capacity of 6,500 and while sell-outs aren’t common, the Mudcats do tend to draw well given the great experience at the ballpark. Here’s a shot from the base of the general admission seats close to the foul pole, looking down the line toward home plate: My next stop was once again the concourse behind home plate. Here’s starting pitcher Noah Zavolas in his Pescados jersey: With the pregame ceremonies beginning, I went to the upper deck and found a spot to watch the exchange of the lineups, the anthem and the top of the first inning: What a view! That team existed from 1991 through 2011, before moving to Florida and becoming the Pensacola Blue Wahoos. Virtually all new MiLB parks, of course, have open concourses so that you can always see the game as you walk around. Given all of the campus visits that I’d made, I only had time to check into my hotel — the outstanding Residence Inn Raleigh Downtown, which was easy to get to and put me in a beautiful and highly walkable part of Raleigh — and then head to Zebulon. Soon enough, that’s exactly what happened, and I went down the first base line to the visitors bullpen area. ( Log Out /  The first thing that I noticed as I approached Five County Stadium was the Mudcats water tower, which jutted well above the treeline: What an impressive sight, right? They have done a lot to improve it since the Wood Ducks started a couple of years ago. Thu Jun 26 3:30am. There are places to stay in Zebulon, but many more choices in Raleigh, the capital city of North Carolina. ( Log Out /  The Carolina Mudcats are a Minor League Baseball team based in Zebulon, North Carolina.They are members of the Carolina League and are the Class A-Advanced affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers.They play their home games at Five County Stadium.. Eateries of this nature are far more common at Triple-A parks; Syracuse’s NBT Bank Stadium comes to mind. Email. This year marks the 30th season for the Carolina League affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers. That team existed from 1991 through 2011, before moving to Florida and becoming the Pensacola Blue Wahoos. There are certainly some ballparks that are flashier in North Carolina, but if you’re planning a visit to this state, don’t shy away from leaving yourself a day to go see the Mudcats. That’s a good question. Instead of going straight to Zebulon, I first did a bit of baseball-themed sightseeing in Durham and Raleigh, making stops at three notable universities. Stadium Info: Directions Seating Diagram Tickets. By the way, I’m seeing more and more of the team-logo metal seats across the minor leagues. My first stop was the baseball facility, Jack Coombs Field: I arrived between games of a youth tournament, and took a few minutes to walk around the field before climbing up to the top of the grandstand to snap this panorama: My next stop was just a short walk from the baseball facility, and it’s one that you’ll know if you’re a collegiate sports fan. After parking my car, I walked around the ballpark to snap this photo of one of the home plate gate. It’s a climate-controlled environment (definitely a plus during my visit) with a sizable food and drink menu, as well as comfortable seating options. Find Tickets . I opted for this shaded spot from which I could clearly see the action in the cage: When BP wrapped up, I once again returned to the upper deck — this time, to check out Cattails Restaurant, which is found above the first base line. There was a semi-spicy sauce on the sandwich, but it didn’t overwhelm the taste of the fish. Malcolm: I see the Carolina League stamped ball your scored at Mudcats game. The Down East Wood Ducks also have their logo on a water tower at Grainger Stadium in Kinston, N.C. You’re very welcome. Five County Stadium opened in 1991 as the home of the Carolina Mudcats of the Southern League. The fish was flaky and not too fishy. This begs a question — do you know of any other MiLB teams that have their logos on water towers? To view a layout of the stadium click. What are the odds? (Also, I majorly need to get my hands on a couple of these at some point!). 919-269-2287. Everyone has an opinion about steep seating decks, but I tend to like them because you always feel close to the action. This year marks the 30th season for the Carolina League affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers. This is something that I always like to do, and while watching it from the field or from the outfield are my favorite spots, it was simply too hot on this day to be out in the open. 1501 Nc 39 Highway . Change ). I didn’t bother going inside, but I was deeply impressed with the beauty of the exterior of this building: My next stop was just 10 miles down the road, and served as the other half of one of college sports’ best rivalries — the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Covering Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville and the greater North Carolina region. Phone: 919-269-2287: Field Facts: Outfield Dimensions LF: 330' CF: 400' RF: 309' Playing Surface Natural grass. If you make it out there, I think you will like the park. I found a seat from which I took this photo …. As is always the case with the Copa games, the team wore funky uniforms. In the first frame, a player on Potomac — I think it was second baseman Cole Freeman — hit a foul ball that soared over the suite level and out of the ballpark. Once again the Mudcats have great live entertainment acts including firework and giveaways planned! Email. While I was excited to get to Zebulon to see the Mudcats, I first made the short drive from Chapel Hill to Raleigh to check out North Carolina State University. The Mudcats organization is run by Grand River Entertainment of Chillicothe. The natural light coming from the direction of the field (on the left of the image above), as well as the openings on the upper right really make the concourse bright and inviting. Carolina Mudcats experience I've come to Five County Stadium numerous times and always enjoy the experience. That wasn’t the case here, fortunately. As seemed to be the theme for my sports sightseeing, there was a youth event taking place, so I watched for a couple of minutes and then continued on my way: Before I left the campus, I stopped to check out Duke University Chapel.

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