marco rubio twitter, I have. Marco is an excellent hugger': Ivanka and Rubio weigh in on that very awkward-looking hug after day of Twitter mockery, Say hello to my little friend: Marco Rubio hits a wall as he attempts to give towering Ivanka Trump a hug ahead of Capitol Hill meeting, Marco Rubio claims American people 'got what they voted for' in Donald Trump and should not be surprised by the drama at the White House over Comey memo and alleged Russia links, Rubio denies arranging 'secret meeting' between President Trump and two former presidents of Colombia, 'Marco's right! Sarah Palin refused to pick between her darlings – Donald Trump and Ted Cruz – at a Republican debate night eve Q&A with CNN's Jake Tapper. Politics Marco rubio Trump Rally Orlando Trump twitter. And in 2016 he broke the story that I had some boots with higher heel. Rubio tweeted several images and videos showing his support for Trump while attending the rally at the Amway Center, adding that there was "no better place to kickoff a campaign for President than the Sunshine State.". Sen. Marco Rubio fired a warning shot at Twitter after it appended a fact-check label to President Trump’s tweets about mail-in voting. Rubio said Obama's statement was 'pathetic' and called Trudeau's tribute 'shameful and embarrassing'. "BREAKING In an unprecedented move a Republican Senator attended a rally in his home state in support of the re-election of a Republican President," Rubio wrote., Seriously? Republican Senator Marco Rubio was in a heated clash with Inforwars' Alex Jones and threatened to 'take care of you myself' after the conservative commentator crashed his TV interview. LOL, those missiles?They just landed on trump's campaign.It's over, Marco. Gavin Newsom is putting his state on a much more aggressive path to slash emissions. The GIF that Rubio chose to attach to the tweet appears to be from China Central Television, a state-run media outlet in China. Here’s why, Twitter is making some big changes to fight election misinformation, Pence uses abortion rights question to talk about Osama bin Laden. Twitter introduced the fact-checking policies as a way to reduce the spread of misinformation on the site. Orlando Cicilia was arrested for his part in the illicit operation in 1987 during Miami's narcotics heyday when Republican presidential hopeful Rubio was just 16. Rubio's appearance and enthusiastic support for Trump surprised many on Twitter, given the pair's previous vitriolic feud during the 2016 presidential campaign. — Lance Cameron (@lcameron4435) October 8, 2020, We have decided! The New York Times editorial board called President Trump's reelection prospects the “greatest threat to American democracy since World War II.”. "So, Little Marco, do you always get to keep the trophy for Senator With the Least Amount of Dignity or do you have to share it with Ted Cruz?" Marco Rubio and Bob Corker said Friday that they will support their party's $1.5 trillion tax bill. “@Twitter is now interfering in the 2020 Presidential Election. The implication and (possibly) joke (?) Rubio flies to Washington to FIRE his chief of staff for misconduct, Marco Rubio says tax law 'went too far' in helping corporations, Republican leaders win over Bob Corker and Marco Rubio on tax cut bill, Trump goes full-Rubio and guzzles water during live White House speech, Rubio denies he funded the dirty dossier before Clintons and DNC, Rubio gets more security due to alleged Venezuelan assassination plot, Pence ignores 'do not touch' sign at NASA, 'Fake news! May the Lord grant him eternal peace,' Rubio tweeted Saturday afternoon. Actor and activist Eva Longoria served as the host of last night’s unique virtual convention. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that one of his debate tweets in particular is drawing a wave of mockery. Senator Marco Rubio denied he set up a reported secret meeting between President Trump and two former presidents of Colombia over the Easter weekend, it was revealed on Saturday. Whether or not Chris Christie donated money to Planned Parenthood is becoming a he said, he said between the New Jersey governor and GOP rival, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio., I had to click on this to make sure it wasn't a fake account. 'Little Marco' Rubio denies he funded the dirty dossier before Clintons and the DNC - so which of Trump's Republican rivals or their donors gave money to 'golden showers' firm? In an interview with a local Florida newspaper on Friday, Republican Senator Marco Rubio said the tax law 'probably went too far' in easing the burden on corporations. See why nearly a quarter of a million subscribers begin their day with the Starting 5.

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