list of types of special events

Create a mailing list, e-mail, postal service, or both. A discussion of the budget will begin here. Based on the previous step, create a guest list. Special Event Planner: Types of Social Events. Be sure that both you and your client are well suited for each other. Bowdin et al (2011), define 7 forms of events under 2 sub-headings, size and form/content. Download the Special Events Permit Guide for more information about permitting requirements. © Copyright 1999-2020 Universal Class™ All rights reserved. Destination weddings: Arrangements must be made for participants to travel to a unique destination. More often, however, people today are simply too busy with their jobs and lives to put the necessary time into planning a good reunion. Rites of Passage: Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceañera, Confirmation, etc. Marketing expert D. Channing Muller shares three essentials to make virtual/hybrid special events successful. Will the event be catered? Change ). Also, write a letter to the BBB so that it will have your complaint on file for future customers who inquire about that vendor's quality of service. Wedding ceremony: The type, style, and location must be chosen. You do not have to be an expert, but you do have to have some knowledge about wine and food before you plan such an event. It is always better to walk away from a contract than to have a failure and a bad reference about a job. Post-wedding issues: Arrangements must be made to preserve the bridal gown, return rental clothing and accessories, obtain the wedding pictures, etc. Planners must be very detail-oriented. Corporate event planners have to connect the dots between specific business objectives and event types. Because reunions usually include a number of children, finding a venue that is family-friendly is usually a good idea. One of the reasons is that it is much easier to entertain a large group of people without having to have a formal sit-down dinner. You will have to be creative and offer options. Events such as conferences, meetings or exhibitions that mainly focus on business and trade but can have a large tourism and public side to many of its activities. Events can be categorised in many different ways, such as size, form and content. This is true for a very basic reason: Both the grapes and the foods come from the same soil. Special Event Planner: Preliminary Work for the Event, Event Planner Help: The Timeline of a Successful Event, Working with People as a Special Event Planner, Liability, Legal, Maximizing Revenue and other Restaurant Management Considerations, Running a Party Planner Business: Equipment and Inventory, The Process of Preparing for a Hearing, Mediation, and Other Litigation Matters for a Workers Compensation Case, How to Make Sweet Breads and Quick Breads, Party Planner: Building Your Business Base, The Basics of Workplace Safety, Health and Inspection, The Process of Setting Goals as an Image Consultant Business, Healthy Alternatives You Can Make When Baking Bread, Business Management: Developing Your Team Resources. Special events business news this week includes tributes to the late Patti Coons. ( Log Out /  Honeymoon: Travel plans, tickets, and accommodations must be booked. In the social arena especially, your first task is to establish whether you and your client are a good match for each other. In whole or in part? Once you have established the menu, send it back to your client complete with a list of the ingredients necessary for the dinner. Find out if your client has a preference for a specific type of food for each course. Because of this, it is wise to learn as much about the event as you possibly can to avoid any mistakes when interacting with your client. Calendar events are part of an annual cycle, such as the FA Cup Final. These usually are large, casual events. This will not give you a good idea of the quality of the work from the vendor before you make any recommendations to your client. You do not want to hire a vendor that is a new company for an event that is more than a year out only to discover that the company has closed its doors and taken your client's deposit with it. The team from MM Event Group shares its winning strategy for the Latino Community Foundation online fundraiser. Finally, showcase events are large-scale competitor events, such as national championships, creating minimal economic activity and are part of an annual cycle. Weddings, more than any other celebration, should go off without a hitch. Coming of age celebrations like a quinceañera or a bar mitzvah only occur once in a lifetime, and as a traditional rite of passage, Disney Meetings & Events can make yours a truly special occasion. Sign up for the Special Events Eventline newsletter. Bridal party: Who will stand with the bride and groom? Trying to sort out what types of events are best for achieving your organization’s unique goals can be challenging since there are so many options to choose from. Each time you meet with a new vendor, ask for a copy of his or her contract to keep. The painful fallout from the scaled-down presidential conventions also shows the need for political action for special events. Because family reunions include people of all ages, finding activities that will span the generation gap is an important part of your job. Help to determine the menu. Most of the time, it is recommended that you work with vendors who have been in business for a while. Cocktail parties typically are held around 5 or 6 p.m. and run for only two hours. As a result, they are turning to event planners. Following the advice of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it is wise to interview three or four possible vendors for each specialty. The BBB also reminds us that for businesses that have been in business only a couple of months, there has not been enough time for complaints against them to have been lodged. Local governments often encourage and support these events as part of their community and cultural development strategies (Bowdin et al 2011 pp.19). Remember, when you sign a contract, you must both agree to everything in the contract. No two events will ever be alike. The event planner will take care of as much or as little of the reunion planning process as your family desires. Select and reserve the reunion site. Cocktail parties have less variety, with only a couple of types of hors d'oeuvres trays being passed that include one or two stationary items. Wedding attire: Choices must be made for the bride, groom, attendants, parents, etc. A one off or recurring special event that attracts mostly local or community visitors, has low local media coverage and minimal economic benefit within the municipality or region. Caterer: Who will handle all the food and beverage needs for each event associated with the wedding? Transform your special day into a one-of-a-kind event—from immersive venues and distinctive cakes to themed décor. Other examples include festivals such as Cheltenham Music Festival, Bath International Music Festival and the world-famous opera festival in Glyndebourne. Number 8860726. Sports events can be put into different categories, mega events, calendar event, one-off events and showcase events. Characteristics may include one or more of the following criteria: Use of … Wedding reception: Choices of location, food, music, and more must be made. Keep track of these conversations. This includes all kinds of festivals, concerts, shows, runs, mass events, and road shows. Determine which family is to be invited to the reunion. Pairing wine with food is often considered to be an art form. Weddings probably are the most common celebration in the life of a special event planner. Putting together a good party requires a lot of creativity and an ability to plan, organize, and coordinate. Cocktail parties can be held in your client's home or can be set up as a more formal affair at a rented venue, such as part of a fundraising gala or even a wedding. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Then you will sit down with the selected chef and ask him or her to design a menu specifically for your client. Because most brides have no idea what they have to do to get their wedding ready, most will hire someone like you to help them with some or all of the planning for their wedding. © 2020 Informa USA, Inc., All rights reserved, Tips and Tricks for Being the Face of Your Brand, Who's News in Special Events for October 15, 2020, Supporting Your Team in the Midst of a Pandemic While Working Remotely, Our Top 5 Lessons from Running Our First Virtual Event, 25 Young Event Pros to Watch 2020: Part 5, Three Reasons Your Web Analytics Aren’t Measuring Up, Selling a Relationship to Your Rental Client, On Being a Black Special Event Professional: Leaders Speak Out, Who’s News in Special Events for Sept. 10, 2020, Who’s News in Special Events for Sept. 3, 2020, MM Event Group Shares Tips on Staging a Winning Virtual Fundraiser, How the Virtual Democratic Convention Pulled Off a Ratings Win, Who’s News in Special Events for Aug. 27, 2020, Who's News in Special Events for Aug. 20, 2020, Three Things Every Virtual or Hybrid Special Event Needs, Party Off: The COVID Crisis Nixes Special Events at Presidential Conventions. Informa PLC's registered office is 5 Howick Place, London SW1P 1WG. Establish a budget. That is one of the best perks of this business! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Such ceremonies usually are ritualized and can be heavily religious or with the heavy weight of cultural values. Local Special Event. Then the question of budget comes into play. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. One basic rule is that most wines actually pair well with the food of the same region. Get the names of everyone: family, spouses, and children. Your job is not necessarily to tell your client you cannot do it. Your client will have to determine whether he or she will bear all the financial burden of the event, or if a per-family fee will be charged to cover the cost of the event. Your goal, then, will be to satisfy your client's need to make the event a success. The process is essentially the same. This site is operated by a business or businesses owned by Informa PLC and all copyright resides with them. The reason for this is that you are more intimately involved in the planning of every detail of the dinner. What you have to remind yourself is that a wedding is a very special day for everyone and you must work very hard to ensure that it turns out to be a special one, indeed. Registered in England and Wales. These events can attract large audience numbers, have major press attention and create economic advantages because of their size and outreach. While they do not hold quite the same meaning in the social arena, they are no less important to your client. Every detail matters to our best-in-class planners! Such celebrations can be as ornate and involved as planning a wedding, even though the guest of honor usually is a teenager: Sometimes your client will opt for a cocktail party in lieu of dinner, in which case it usually starts later in the evening and will have up to six or seven types of hors d'oeuvres trays and two or three stationary items.

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