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One side of the Cornucopia is a thick forest, filled with caves. Charleton Crosmonas (Chaia kills him), 21. Kyra climbs onto the Cornucopia. District 1: Lilliant Regnew, Clantick Tarfan, District 2: Mello McCormick, Flinn Shethen, District 3: Sunny Cillana, Zephyr Saerelle, District 4: Sheminette Howslen, Shener Drematale, District 6: Rayne Salvatore, Leroy Lesstat, District 7: Sermenelle Florska, Elmen Yokitour, District 8: Paige Keravnos, Charlten Crosmonas, District 9: Clytemnestra Vidal, Vladimir Archbolt, District 10: Andromeda Rouxa, Xenon Sharpe, District 11: Kyra Abernathy, Carmichael Chan, District 12: Serna O'Nelson, Chase Siertion. As you sit with them going over a last minute review for the Hunger Games, the reality you very well could die today sets in. Custom and user added quotes with pictures, Ladies and gentlemen, let the Seventy-fourth Hunger Games begin! Clantick's family consists of his parents Jake and Shenile, three sisters and two brothers. She takes his knife, and for good measure, slits his throat and stabs him in the heart. Rayne Salvatore (Pushed into her fire by Clantick), 10. ", Chase has his girlfriend Tisera. ", Mello had no real family left. But I love you and I can't wait to see you when you win this! But we know Flinn's gonna win this!". As a baker's son with, Peeta harbours a secret crush for Katniss that has been festering since he was 5-years-old. Spoiler Warning. Kyra, Carmichael, and Mello take refuge in a cave in the forest. She teams up with Andromeda to take down Chaia. Sheminette seperates from the rest of the Careers to find food and is found by Kyra and Mello. Chaia and Chan are still hunting for the other tributes. Kyra stabs Clytemnestra, who, feeling pity, tells them of Flinn's plan. Zephyr is then killed by muttations. Clantick is also hunting Chaia. Kyra, Carmichael, and Mello team up. -Peeta Mellark, The more likable he is, the more deadly he is. Chaia and Chan are hiding from the Careers. Chaia and Chan hide in the grass plains. The Careers are infuriated at Lilliant's death and set their goal as hunting down Chaia. I say. https://thehungergames.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Obsessedperson/LET_THE_GAMES_BEGIN!!!!! Also harbouring a crush for Katniss', Gale's motives later on are then questioned as he lets his jealousy of Peeta Mellark get the best of him. Day 1 in the Arena starts at dawn. Looks like a similar sort of "Twilight" love triangle in the making, however it remains to be seen if "The Hunger Games" will prove itself better this 22 March! They send Lilliant to hunt game. Kyra holds him in her arms and he dies. Lilliant Regnew (Chaia slits her throat), 13. It catches her on the arm and she slips. As Katniss' childhood best friend and hunting partner, Gale Hawthorne's dad had also died in a mining accident hence their close bond. The two remaining tributes of the Career alliance are Shener and Clantick, Flinn having run off on his own, and Mello with Kyra. -Flavius, See, like this. Vladimir is wandering alone in the forest and is caught by muttations. -Peeta Mellark. Clytemnestra spots Chase wandering around alone and unarmed. Clantick is in the middle of the Cornucopia. Night falls on the arena. is the final episode of Survivor: Korea. Another side is tall grass. Mello McCormick (Killed by being shot in the back by Chaia), 2. Paige is in the plains as well. Clantick thinks he has her, when the muttations start attacking them. Thanks for everyone who submitted a tribute! # the hunger games # katniss everdeen # peeta mellark # gale hawthorne # let the games begin # vh1 # revenge # here we go # petty # scared famous # nicksplat # rugrat As long as she doesn't set herself on fire along with the Arena. With that, it didn't take long for the 20-year-old buff actor to get noticed as an emerging face to watch, thus allowing him to land a part in the most anticipated movie of the year. Josh Hutcherson who may be familiar to many through his roles in "Zathura", Bridge To Terabitia", "Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant" and "Journey To The Center Of The Earth", has landed the much coveted role as the protagonist; Peeta Mellark. Flinn sees Mello and Kyra, but decides not to kill them-yet. He has to. As the only living contestant of Katniss', Peeta's and Gale's district, Haymitch tries to serve as a mentor to the former two, however his drinking problem (contributed by his desire to rid his own memories of the Games) often proves futile but comes through occasionally when Katniss and Peeta need his desperate guidance. The title is a reference to Suzanne Collins' blockbuster trilogy of novels known as The Hunger Games. POuring rains wake up the tributes on Day 5. The first is called "Jellyfish Shuffleboard", a flash game requiring you to land a jellyfish on a regular shuffleboard and garner as many points as possible.

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