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Some time after that, Jimmy discovered that he had become a repository for the ambient power of New Gods who had fallen in battle. June 2003 saw Jimmy Olsen as the focus of a twelve-part miniseries entitled Superman: Metropolis. "Genocide Spray", Kirby, Jack (w), Kirby, Jack (p), Colletta, Vince (i). This caused Jimmy to go insane, and possess superpowers similar to Superman's, as well as mentally transforming him into a Kryptonian determined to replace human life with Kryptonian life. He is close friends with Lois Lane and Superman, and has a good working relationship with his boss Perry White. The original Guardian was. They are in a relationship briefly, but they break up and Jimmy is shown to be in a relationship again with Chloe in the episode "Sleeper". Ray Palmer then comes out of Jimmy with the New God soul battery, and destroys it, returning Jimmy to normal.[38][39]. Superman then showed up and grasped James' hand, saving his life, which was the first time James met the superhero. When Superman was killed by Doomsday, it was Jimmy who took the infamous photograph of Superman's ragged cape, fluttering in the wind. Even though this is the first instance that the alias of Guardian is used by Olsen, the character, in his various adaptations, has used several other superhero aliases through the years including Elastic Lad, Turtle Boy, Mister Action, Flamebird, Accountable, and most recently, Doctor Impossible. Superman briefly considered confiscating the watch, but decided he trusted Jimmy to use it responsibly. Jimmy Olsen makes an appearance in Frank Miller's, In Lord Havok and the Extremists #3, a version of Jimmy called. 6. Finally ready to uncover the truth, Jimmy is openly confronted by Codename: Assassin, who until that point had merely followed him closely. [18] Readership quickly dropped back to its pre-Kirby levels. 134. The character was first introduced as Jimmy Olsen in the radio show The Adventures of Superman (on April 15, … Speed Demon - In 1956, a month before the debut of Barry Allen as the new Flash, Jimmy drank a potion produced by a Professor Claude and briefly gained super-speed. This photograph was used as the frontspiece for a special Superman retrospective published by Newstime. He gives up on this particular avenue. He then made the suit to specifically protect James. [1]. Jimmy played up the public's fear of superheroes via propaganda, hoping to have them imprisoned so he could use their DNA as well in an attempt to create a stable template. [19] In that series, Olsen became a more serious character who battled criminals as an investigative reporter known as "Mr. Action" in urban crime stories that rarely involved Superman. In the season finale, he proposed to her but she was arrested before she had the time to answer. [33], During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, James as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[34] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe. https://dcuniverseonline.fandom.com/wiki/Jimmy_Olsen?oldid=265851. James Bartholomew Olsen was born to Jake and Sarah Olsen in Yonkers, NY. At his funeral, his full name is revealed to be Henry James Olsen. Shortly before Superman's demise at the hands of Doomsday, Jimmy began freelancing for rival media magnate Collin Thornton of Newstime Magazine. The last three chapters of the story are told in the self-titled one-shot, Jimmy Olsen. [77] This incarnation is described as a cub reporter for the Gotham Gazette as opposed to his regular position at the Daily Planet and as 'Superman's pal'. Michael Landes and Justin Whalin (both from Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) did not participate. He is also seen in the bibliography section of the game. During the battle, Jimmy's body started to reject the Kryptonian DNA, causing him to disintegrate. Jimmy then transforms into a giant turtle-like creature, and prepares to take on Darkseid himself. Jimmy's name was used in the comic for the first time in Superman v1 #13 (1941). After being informed of Kara's situation due to the creature, they were both concerned about what would happen to Kara after they pulled her out of her perfect fantasy. James snuck into the funeral early to have a moment alone with his father, but had to leave when someone saw him. Jimmy is smitten by her and teams up with her in episodes such as "Cure" and "Lara". This caused a strain at the Planet. Outside, two boys confronted James, making fun of the fact that his father was dead. First meeting Kara when she came to get some layouts on request from Cat Grant, he told her that Grant could wait, as it'd be her loss if she fired him right after hiring him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's All-Star Superman series, Jimmy shows up briefly in the Daily Planet offices in argyle socks; this Jimmy seems to be a refined version of the Silver Age vintage, with a signal watch halfway between a McDonald's happy meal toy and haute couture. This led to the invention of his signal watch. When Kara is reduced to a normal human since her powers have been drained after her battle with Red Tornado, James reassures her that her abilities should return in a few days. An interesting alteration to the relationship was that Jimmy designed the signal watch himself, leading to his first meeting with Superman. Superman Family memberThis character is or was an incarnation of or an ally of Superman, and a member of the Superman Family. Jack Grimes provided the voice of Jimmy Olsen once again on. A week later, James went to the content meeting called by Cat, who first made sure everyone knew about Supergirl's recent heroic failure. This caused Jimmy to spontaneously develop super-powers. The two then tell Kara to accept defeat or die. One of these powers means Jimmy has a sudden realisation as to the identity of the worlds' superheroes, such as the Robins and Superman, who closening his relationship to Jimmy gives him Krypto to take care of. After revealing his identity during Reign's terraformation of Earth, James soon became a deputized superhero of the National City Police Department. This photograph was used as the frontspiece for a special Superman retrospective published by Newstime. In most depictions of the character, he also has a strong friendship with Superman. He was then asked by Cat whether he could get her an interview with Supergirl by approaching the subject to Superman the next time they met, though James was reluctant to do so. Dini, Paul; Giffen, Keith; Bedard, Tony (w), Saiz, Jesus (p). Tying into the Death of the New Gods storyline, Jimmy starts to develop a plethora of new superpowers, which he first discovers when he is attacked by Killer Croc while gathering information on Duela's death. Jimmy Olsen as he is depicted in the television series, Smallville. After Superman is temporarily turned evil by black kryptonite, Jimmy saves him by injecting himself with a drug that briefly turns him into a version of Doomsday. Jimmy has an uncanny knack for getting himself into trouble. James now uses the paper to fight against the town's corrupt justice system. [13] He began by introducing a secret "D.N.A. To see other versions of this character, click the Earth name below for that Earth's counterpart of James Olsen. Weapon His father was in the military and was declared missing in Southeast Asia before Jimmy was born. Jimmy is eventually tracked down by the New God Forager, with whom he begins a romantic relationship. James moved back to Calvintown and used a loophole in the contract that kept him from being a reporter to purchase the local newspaper, The Calvintown Gazette, and become its publisher. He was later asked to lunch by Kara, though he told her to meet him on the roof instead as he entered the elevator. "Miss Jimmy Olsen! Comic Book Guy mentioned Jimmy Olsen in the. [24] Although he originally declined, Winn later was forced to agree and help. Project" to create Mutated Humans for Good, also adding "The Hairies" (a group of technology-equipped hippies) and superbeings from other planets (proto-New Gods) and Intergang and Morgan Edge... and reintroduced his 1940s Newsboy Legion characters. Supergirl would eventually beat Parasite by using plutonium from a nuclear power plant, completely obliterating him. James and Kara arrive at the Fortress of Solitude. In Season 7, Jimmy is still at the Daily Planet working as a budding news photographer, his relationship with Chloe is going through a rough phase due to Chloe's secret new-found ability caused by an amount of Kryptonite meteor in her blood stream. [32] Later, as the events of Countdown begin to come to their close, Jimmy becomes a more confidently powerful character and is reunited with the series' other cast members on a mission to stop Karate Kid's disease from becoming a pandemic of apocalyptic proportions. Jimmy Olsen is a photographer for the Daily Planet. "Jimmy Olsen, the Bearded Boy", Binder, Otto (w), Swan, Curt (p), Burnley, Ray (i). ), In many Silver Age of Comic Books, Jimmy was often seen sharing adventures with Superman, who saved him from various predicaments ranging from dangerous to merely embarrassing.

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