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This program has been praised for the apparent genuine portrayal of single celebrity’s lifestyles. If you have a comment, don’t hesitate to leave a message in the comment section below. ** as I was making the list I noticed that Dramanice was missing a lot of episodes. Where to Watch I Live Alone. ( Log Out /  The … However, Han Hye-jin and Jun Hyeon-mu was absent due to their recent breakup. I Live Alone is a Korean semi-documentary variety show about the daily life of single Korean celebrities. .dat2017 MBC Entertainment Awards—I Live Alone Victories. I Live Alone held a sports festival in May 2019. That was all the information about the I Love Alone cast, favorite episodes, and controversy. Change ). Cameras were installed in their homes and recorded their daily activities. I Live Alone was inspired by the increasing number of single Koreans. Contents. Lee Eun Gyeol Guest Role. Pingback: .dat kVariety Repertoire – Current Watches. One in three Korean celebrities are single. List of Girl Group Members Who Rose Up Late: KARA’s Young-ji, T-ara’s Ah-reum and... Get To Know Lee Ha-eun, Former Trainee of Mnet ‘Produce 48’ from MNH Entertainment. A pilot program was aired during the Lunar New Year Holiday. Members of the panel were usually surprised by unexpected sides of their friends’ daily lives. I no longer update this list — I focus more on sharing #kdrama-related content now: https://youtu.be/KrgUK24cAHs. The initial title for the program was Men Living Alone. The program was funny and entertaining because the panelists always made fun of each other. I was searching for henry’s episodes and you did just that. At the time, there was a strong possibility that female cast members would take part, therefore, the title was changed to I Live Alone. | datcheebie. Park Narae; Ahn Youngmi; Jang Doyeon; Lee Gukjoo; Kangnam; Yuk Jungwan;  Jun Hyunmoo; Kim Taejin; Jun Hyunmoo; Kim Youngchul; Yuk Jungwan; Kim Yonggun; Lee Gukjoo; Hwang Chiyul (welcoming new members — New Year’s Special), Lee Gyein; Kim Yonggun; Lee Gookjuk; Yuk Jungwan; Hwang Chiyeul; Kim Dongwan, Real Men — Sam Kim; Jung Gyuwoon; Im Wonhee; Sleepy; Lee Kyuhan; Lee Gukjoo; Yuk Jungwan; Kim Kwangkyu; Kim Youngchul, Hwang Jaegeun; Kim Youngchul; Yuk Jungwan; Jun Hyunmoo; Hwang Chiyeul; Kim Dongwan. He proudly showed his company’s advertising board. Featured. He invited his junior members to try his cooking. ( Log Out /  In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about the I Live Alone cast, favorite episodes, controversy, and more. Guest Role. However, due to controversy and scandal involving his father and his privileged background, Choi Jung-hoon’s appearance was edited out as much as possible. The entire cast praised and congratulated him for moving his office into a new building. | datcheebie. From their conversation, they thought that Ulleung Island was an uninhabited island and that the island was very small. Kian 84 is a cartoonist, and he has a sloppy and disorganized character. Yang SeHyung); Jun Hyunmoo; Yoon Hyunmin, Solbi; Han Hyejin; Park Narae; Jun Hyunmoo; Lee Gukjoo, Lee Sieon; Park Narae; Kian84; Han Hyejin; Henry Lau; Jun Hyunmoo; [Daniel Henney]; [Yoon Hyunmin], 3 Idiot Brothers Special (Children’s Day) — Lee Sieon; Kian84; Henry Lau, Kim Seulgi (& Cast of Oh My Ghostess); Kwon Hyuk Soo, Kim Yeon Kyung; Lee Sieon; Park Narae; Han Hye Jin, Han Hye Jin; Jun Hyunmoo; Yun Hyunmin; Henry Lau; Amber, Jung Jinyoung (B1A4); Kim Yeon Kyung; Park Narae; Lee Sieon, 3 Idiot Brothers — Lee Sieon; Kian84; Henry Lau; Yun Hyunmin, Nam Goongmin; Lee Sieon; Yun Hyunmin; Henry, Narae’s Summer School: Han Hye Jin; Jun Hyunmoo; Park Narae, Lee Sieon; Kian84; Henry; Yun Hyunmin; Sung Hoon, Han Hye Yeon (celebrity stylist); Jun Hyunmoo; Han Ji Min. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about the I Live Alone cast, favorite episodes, controversy, and more. BTS Member’s Profile (Names, Birthdays, Religion, Height etc) and Facts, Full Profile of BLACKPINK Members (Real Name, Age, Height and Weight), Before and After Blackpink Member’s Plastic Surgery, Top Female Excellence Award in Variety Show, Top Excellence Award, Variety Category (Males), Top Excellence Award, Variety Category (Females), Excellence Award, Variety Category (Males), Excellence Award, Variety Category (Females). Henry was criticized for always bothering and disrespecting Kian 84, who is much older than him. Park Na Rae (Ep. Park Na-rae is a comedian, and she loves to drink and cook in her house. He was also cast in the second season of the sitcom, The Sound of Your Heart, as well as the romantic comedy webdrama I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street. She is the current leader of I Live Alone. So stay tuned! However, less than nine months later, viewers noticed that Jun Hyeon-mu and Han Hye-jin started acting awkwardly in front of each other and they didn’t look at each other’s eyes when they talked. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. I apologize for disconnects! Han Chaeah; Kim Yonggun; Hwang Chiyeul; Uee; Han Chaeah; Jessi; Kim Youngchul; Yuk Jungwan; Kim Dongwan; Lee Gukjoo; Brave Brother; Sleepy; Seo Minjing; Brave Girls; Yuk Jungwan; Hwang Chiyeul; Pre- Jungkwan Wedding Celebration — Yuk Jungwan; Hwang Chiyeul; Kim Dongwan; Lee Gukjoo; Han Chaeah; Kim Youngchul; Kim Yonggun; Jun Hyunmoo, Lee Gukjoo; Jun Hyunmoo; Kim Dongwan; Han Chaeah, Eric Nam, Crush; Zico; Chloe Grace Mortez, Han Chaeah; Kim Youngchul; Lee Gukjoo; Hwang Chiyeul, K. Will; Yoon Dohyun. Each of the members has their own specific character. The same year, Sung guested on the variety show I Live Alone. The purpose for this show is to show their viewers that celebrities are also human beings. I Live Alone is a Korean semi-documentary variety show about the daily life of single Korean celebrities. Check out. I hope this satisfied your curiosity, if not too late . Kian 84 appeared in the January 2020 edition of the Korean magazine Dazed. During the program, they talked about Ulleung Island. Korean celebrities aren’t devoid of this trend either. | datcheebie. Park Sung Hyun. .dat kVariety Repertoire – Current Watches. Koreans thought that Lee Si-yeon, Henry, and Kian 84 should know the information beforehand. In each episode, a leader was selected and he or she could direct the whole episode.

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