hms cumberland 1945

Harcourt, CBE, RN, with the Commander-in-Chief Home Fleet, Admiral Sir J. Tovey, KCB, KBE, DSO, RN on board), USS Washington (Capt. Komiles (3962 GRT, built 1932), This was the first the convoy Commodore had heard of the existence of this minefield. This ship was sunk in position 19°40’S, 04°02’E. Two days later the British submarine HMS Severn (Lt.Cdr. By the early morning of the 4th convoy PQ 17 was about 60 nautical miles north of Bear Island where it sustained its first loss. The South America Division at that moment consisted of the heavy cruiser HMS Exeter (Capt. Reproduced The old ‘Force X’, the Strasbourg (Capt. City of Omaha (6124 GRT, built 1920), On 20 October the Admiralty ordered their transfer to the West Indies. He held this course until 1710 hours and then altered to the southward to regain contact with the British transports. At 2240/5 HMS Niger blew up and sank with heavy loss of life, including Commander Cubison. Grey Ranger (3313 GRT, built 1941). 820 Squadron loaded with G.P. At 0754 hours, HMS Devonshire sighted a submarine submerging some eight nautical miles to the east of the battlefleet, which was then some 25 nautical miles to the south of Dakar. Hitler’s permission to lauch the operation had only been obtained in the forenoon of the 5th and the executive order was given at 1137 hours. C.E.B. On 18 November the Commodore was informed that the German merchant Ussukuma ( GRT, built ) might sail from Bahia Blanca for Montevideo at any time. There was however no immediate confirmation of her report and the Commander-in-Chief ordered ‘Force H’ to sail after dark on the 27th to sail for the latitude of St. Helena. At 1323 hours the Richelieu ceased fire. R.A.A. These permitted flying off aircraft from HMS Ark Royal only once in five or six days, so that the patrol could not be extended far enough to the south to intercept a raider bent on evasion. He decided to move both HMS Exeter and HMS Ajax south, and ordered the Ajax to meet him at 0800/9. photographs hms cumberland delivers the mail. Jun 13, 2020. William-Powlett, DSO, RN), HMS Nigeria (Capt. Grylls, SANF(V)), HMS Whelp(Cdr. Gloire (Capt. A.H. Wynne-Edwards, RN) and HMS Hazard (Lt.Cdr. HMS Cumberland (cruiser) (10.1944) no appointment listed: 11.1944-(07. For the next two days she patrolled the normal peace time shipping routes. During the 13th all destroyers of the Task Force fueled from HMS Emperor, HMS Hunter and HMS Shah. N.J.W. It was considered essential in this plan to maintain the French character of the landing as far as possible; the Free French transports were to be accompanied as far as possible by their own warships, and by two British destroyers only, HMS Inglefield and HMS Forester, which would lead them in and, if necessary, provide flanking fire. shipmates, which might also be of use to relatives of the other blokes in One aircraft was hit by enemy AA fire and failed to return to it’s carrier. He therefore arranged that ‘Force X’ should take HMS Neptune and her destroyers under her orders and patrol the parallel of 3°N between 31° and 38°W from 10 to 13 December. The Swordfish claimed hits on one of the cruisers and the destroyer but this seemed to be doubtful. At 0805 hours HMS Fortune, which had rejoined the battlefleet, reported a submarine contact inside the screen and dropped three depth charges. American Press (5131 GRT, built 1920), few feet away from my grandfather, and that they knew each other. The British cruisers then turned south. H.N.A. HMS Exeter Fallowfield of HMS Cumberland in command of Force G. The Admiralty approved of this. They were followed by six Swordfish of No. As time went on without further developments Rear-Admiral Hamilton became more and more puzzled as to what have led to the sudden scattering of the convoy. Had he been aware that the Admiralty had no further information of the enemy heavy units then he himself possessed he would have remained in a covering position until the convoy was widely dispersed. Eight 8 inch guns in pairs. In spite of these manifest tokens of hostility the General apparently still hoped for a peaceful solution. They had prevented General de Gaulle from landing. HMS Cumberland in 1945. The Admiralty and Air Ministery were being kept informed. Cubison, DSC and Bar, RN), Vickers Armstrong (Barrow-in-Furness, U.K.), ADM 53/112036 + ADM 53/111885 + ADM 53/112448, Files, (Dutch Archives, The Hague, Netherlands) and ADM 199/1388, File (Dutch Archives, The Hague, Netherlands), File (Dutch Archives, The Hague, Netherlands), Files and (Dutch Archives, The Hague, Netherlands) and WO 203 / 4622 (British National Archives, Kew, London), Files and (Dutch Archives, The Hague, Netherlands) and WO 203 / 4778 and ADM 199 / 193 (British National Archives, Kew, London), Files and (Dutch Archives, The Hague, Netherlands) and WO 203 / 4630 (British National Archives, Kew, London). O.H. HMS Hermes. The South America Division, 1 to 13 December 1939. She was then refitted at Devonport (1949–1951) for further service as a gunnery trials ship. Meanwhile HMS Ajax turned south and closed the Argentinian coast in case the Ussukuma, which was known to be short of fuel, should attempt to reach Montevideo inside territorial waters. During the night of 5/6 July the Admiralty made three signals to the Commander-in-Chief, Home Fleet suggesting that the Tirpitz might be ‘reluctant to go as far as the convoy’ if the battlefleet was sighted steering to the eastward, and that aircraft from HMS Victorious might be able to attack her if she had ben damaged by the Russian submarines.

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