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I mean, if they played in the 1930s, guys like Cone, Brown, and Saberhagen would be in, no question. All very good points. When you look at David Cone‘s career, he was not far off from Halladay. Kenny Lofton is a great example of an overlooked player, I think it’s a huge oversight during the one and done period that a pitcher of David Cone’s repertoire has not been reconsidered for the HOF. == After reading: Could not agree more that Cone warranted prolonged consideration. on Baseball-Reference. A lot of the pitchers we’re talking about here fit the 120, but not the 3000. However, it is also a much stronger case than a player who had received just five percent of the vote. David Cone David Cone All data is also open and David Cone has a Hall Rating of A dollar says that’s more than you thought. The fact that a pitcher like… Read more ». Looking at his numbers when the chips were down, there is maybe a handful of pitchers you would want over him. Cone won a Cy Young Award, but since it was in the strike-shortened 1994, nobody seems to remember it. Vote Percentage Received for the Hall of Fame: Our All-Time Top 50 Kansas City Royals have been revised, Our All-Time Top 50 New York Yankees have been revised, Our All-Time Top 50 New York Mets have been revised, Born: January 2, 1963 in Kansas City, MO USA. (61.7 as a pitcher and 0.7 as a hitter) 1993 was a weird year for Cone. . During that span Koufax also led the majors… Read more », […] month, I asked you to talk about David Cone, a pitcher who my latest version of wWAR (weighted WAR) deems as Hall-worthy. Kevin Brown is the only pitcher I can find… Read more », Hey Alex, thanks for the comment. See the Notes: Each voting cycle, qualified members of the BBWAA name no more than 10 eligible players whom they consider worthy of Hall of Fame honors. The hall could use someone like that). Looking back, it is very likely Cone’s failure to reach 200 wins hurt him. pitched 2,898 innings I used to like David Cone. Use a phrase once, it is an article. But to get back to Cone, I always felt that Cone was a close case for the Hall of Fame. It is a shame he received so little support from the HOF voters. Kevin Brown, RHP, 1986-2005 Career stats: 211-144, 3.28 ERA, 3,256 1/3 IP, 2,397 K, 17 SHO, 68.5 WAR (Baseball-Reference) HOF voting: 2.1 percent of ballots in 2011 At his peak, Brown was one of the most dominant pitchers in the game. There was also a chronological change in context. (More Thanks). Great analysis, Adam. In those elimination games, he was 1-0 with a 2.70 ERA. It’s fielding that’s killing his value. The first was a complete game gem against the Dodgers in Game 6 of the 1988 NLCS. Waite Hoyt was also famous as a Reds broadcaster for telling In ’93, he was in the DH league, in a hitter’s park. He won the Cy Young for going 16-5 with a 2.94 ERA during the strike-shortened season, and after being traded back to the Blue Jays and then the Yankees in 1995, pitched for the New York's ’96, ’98, ’99 and 2000 champions; he posted a 2.12 ERA in 29 2/3 innings over his five World Series, and threw in a perfect game in 1999 for good measure. His 25.42 mark rates him ahead of Hall of Famers like Lefty Gomez, Dean, and Phil Niekro. It’s ridiculous that he was so quickly dismissed by HOF voters. GitHub. I’m constrained to note that wrt 2018 Ottavino pitched more than Familia. We’ll see. (Non-Closer) Hall of Fame pitchers with fewer than 200 wins (who were inducted as a player): Dizzy Dean (150), Addie Joss (160), John Montgomery Ward (164, but was primarily a shortstop), Sandy Koufax (165), Lefty Gomez (189), Rube Waddell (195), Ed Walsh (195), Dennis Eckersley (197, but also a closer), Dazzy Vance (197), and Jack Chesbro (198). Cone was a terrific pitcher, but just out in my book by these measures. was worth Cone finished with a career record of 194-126, a 3.46 ERA and a 62.5 career WAR/43.5 peak WAR/53.0 JAWS line, good for 60th among starting pitchers but not quite Hall caliber; he received 3.9% of the vote in 2009. Borderline Hall stuff. Okay, even if we don’t consider his 11-14 W/L record, that seems far from his best year, other than in innings pitched. Flat out, David Cone was one of the top pitchers of the 90’s and that should not be denied. He has more complete games than more recent Hall of Famers like John Smoltz and Pedro Martinez. He certainly was no longer in Britton’s class, or even Ottavino’s. #commahumor. David Brian Cone (born January 2, 1963) is an American former Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher, and current color commentator for the New York Yankees on the YES Network and WPIX. Late in the 1992 season, he was dealt to the Blue Jays, whom he helped beat the Braves in that year's Fall Classic; he also led the majors in strikeouts that year with 261, after having led the NL in both 1990 and ’91. That’s a brilliant observation, Alex, and I think the less than 3000 IP and 200 wins is why Cone was never looked at by the writers as a serious Hall of Fame candidate. It would never happen, nor can anyone suggest it with a straight face. His counting stats look a little light, but he quietly dominated when healthy, more than making up the difference. (35.6 as a pitcher and 0.7 as a hitter). Baseball-Reference.com. This past weekend, Roy Halladay was inducted on his first year on the ballot. Whereas Halladay was a first ballot Hall of Famer, Cone would only receive 3.9 percent of the vote in his first and only year on the ballot. Halladay’s 5 best seasons by WAR: 8.8, 8.6, 8.1, 7.3, 6.9 So, it’s difficult for me to agree that Cone belongs in based on WAR and WAA. photo credit. But of course, he’s not eligible. making him a member of the Hall of Stats. Given that, now it’s just a matter of details. What was Colorado “thinking” with that deal??? Hall of Fame Announces Changes to Era Committees, Visualizing the Hall of Fame’s Anti-Recency Bias, Vote: 25 Best Players Not in the Hall of Fame, Roy Oswalt and the Incredibly Strict Hall of Fame Standard for Pitchers, Reaching the BBWAA Standard, not just the Hall of Fame Standard. The last time we had an active Hall of Fame starting pitcher was Nolan Ryan. In ’92, Smoltz edged Cone by one for the NL crown, 215-214, but Coney added 47 with Toronto, to finish with 20 more Ks than any other pitcher. Behind the numbers, there are a number of great starts and stories with him. As Babe Ruth’s teammate he had some great ones. David Cone keeps his ERA well away from the league average for his best eight years. So, that’s Cone and six Hall of Famers. I would definitely have no problem with David being in the Hall. The hard-throwing righty was an October staple who pitched for eight postseason teams during his 17-year career (1986 to 2001, '03), starting with the 1988 Mets, for whom he went 20-3 with a 2.22 ERA. And they signed Daniel Murphy for at least 24m when CJ Cron was available for 5m???). And that was in a 13 team league where there were fewer than a score of pitchers anywhere near pitching enough innings to be considered having met the threshold for pitching a full season. True that Cone led a league twice in strikeouts — but he led MLB 3 straight years, 1990-92. I have no idea if there’s more, but probably. Your email address will not be published. Follow the Hall of Stats on In his postseason career, Cone would make five starts with his team behind in the series. In 1875 for example, there were 118 wins available to split up (Note that some of the 13 teams played as few as 13 or 14 games, while others player 60-70). Britton’s IP had slipped but he was considered healthy and he was still getting significantly better results than Familia, while Ottavino’s 2018 was actually his peak season, with an ERA of 2.40, a WHIP under 1.00, and FIP of 2.74–pitching with a home park in Colorado. His “hired gun” status also gave him a label that was dissatisfactory to some, though he was one of many to do so. All Rights Reserved. Certainly, his all-time rankings in the aforementioned categories, his postseason performances, and his perfect game does deserve a fresher look. However, the separation is not as great as the Hall of Fame voting indicates. That’s a good-length career where the pitcher was 25% better than the league average. I endorsed Cone for the HOF many times over on the old Baseball Reference blog. Cano is owed 4/81. On that front, Cone has five World Series rings in his career. In the last 10 years or so, there have only been a handful of pitchers to have a WAR of… Read more », >>>I REALLY have to disagree with you, in particular about Matthews. We have box scores from every All-Star Game in history, line scores, accurate rosters, play-by-play data, trivia, a sample program, and a detailed written account of each Midsummer Classic. 20m? He has more shutouts than Halladay, Pedro, and Smoltz. Munson may have had some extenuating circumstances, but I don’t buy it for Cone. This tells us that Cone may not have lasted long (which explains his relatively low career totals), but when he pitched, he dominated. document.write(update); Gah, I read that, and even looked up the stuff about the contract! Those Cone trades were great. Guys on the right side of the Hall borderline like Ted Lyons just barely reach my threshold, and guys just outside the Hall like Billy Pierce just miss it. David Cone All-Star Stats The David Cone All-Star stats seen below include his All-Star year-by-year hitting stats, All-Star fielding stats, and All-Star pitching stats (where applicable). or Clearly, though, Blackmon still has some value while Cano is much more suspect. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. "The Yankees' David Cone, who could have played linebacker, is what I call a junkyard dog because he'll knock you out of the box without blinking. It was quite nice. Looking at Halladay and Cone, the numbers would indicate Halladay was the better pitcher. He failed to make the 200 win milestone, though had he had more offensive run support he could have made it. But let’s say the Rockies want to get rid of him and have an opening at the bag for Cano, if Cano can still play. Among active players only Kershaw, deGrom, Sale, Kluber, and Scherzer tie or beat it, while Cone’s 121 ERA+ has a total of 14 pitchers who match or exceeed it, including at 121 non-HOF guys like Gerrit Cole and Johnny Cueto. Instead, Familia had all of one good year to even being to suggest he was recovered, and the Mets were buying his post-prime age 29 to 31 seasons, the start of his decline phase, in an era where reliever volatility is well understood. Estevan Florial. Not that I would vote for Munson anyway. Then there’s Kevin Appier, Urban Shocker, Wes Ferrell, Chuck Finley, Tommy John, Orel Hershiser, Frank Tanana, and others… they’re more borderline, but I wouldn’t mind seeing t… Read more », When you mentioned Bob Caruthers it got me thinking about a couple of other pre-modern pitchers who should have gotten in. http://www.highheatstats.com/2012/08/the-hall-of-clearly-above-replacement-but-not-quite-average/. From an advanced statistics perspective, he had a 64.3 WAR, 131 ERA+, and a 3.39 FIP. All Rights Reserved by Baseball Almanac, Inc.Hosted by Hosting 4 Less. If I had to choose one, then Cone would be my pick. Copyright 1999- I doubt… Read more », Just wanted to mention how crucial for Toronto Cone’s acquisition was in ’92. and a FIP of 2.40 versus Familia’s 171 and 2.77. His World Series numbers are 2-0 with a 2.12 ERA in six games (five starts). Spaulding had 15.1. Those are the seasons that drive a team towards the postseason, and Halladay’s were a win or two better. About page. . You’re right, the only pitchers eligible for the Hall who meet both criteria and are not in are Kevin Brown and 19th century hurlers Will White and Sliver King, two of the weirder careers in history (short careers with ridiculous peaks).

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