census enumerator training

The census questionnaire began to arrive the week of March 10 and was available online. I had one very cute encounter. A virus-safe census will cost more than a typical census. In these circumstances, only shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend the general training. “In Spanish?” she said in perfect English. Clearly, there will be times when the situation deviates from a perfect replication of all other interviews and will not correspond to any items on the FAQs. The training schedule is tentatively arranged as follows: On completion of the training sessions, appointed students will receive a training allowance at an hourly rate of HK$46. ( Log Out /  Links posted by Mod QueeLinx may have undergone curation and some fact-checking. A significant percentage of the people with Chinese origins were distrustful, refused to answer or were downright hostile. Thus we are more susceptible to building our own bubble, seeking out or being receptive only to information that supports our current point of view. It was hoped we would catch those people who left at their new residence as we asked the in-movers if they had filled out the questionnaire for where they lived as of April 1. Applicants should submit their applications via the website of the Online Job Application System for the Pilot Survey for the 2021 Population Census within the designated application periods. Some responded initially saying for example, 5 people living there yet later changed it to 4. We enumerators were taught to be sensitive to this and offer to record them as “person 1” and refuse to state their age or other information. I notified the supv & help desk-its been a week. Between Covid, and the way that Trump has poisoned the attitude of many in society, I decided I needed my sanity and safety more than I needed the money. They walk from house … So asking the age of children for example is essential to that purpose. The survey firm is also responsible for hiring potential enumerators and skilled supervisors to help with the training. The field coordinators (FCs) are responsible for training support staff to make sure they are familiar with various aspects of the project, including the context of the study, the questionnaire content, and the potential survey protocols. ( Log Out /  Enumerator online training I did orientation 8/3 & all other steps are done to start online training in LMS my transcript still says "no training assigned" I have checked multiple times each day. My experience in working for the Postal Service helped me greatly find where things were at. To obtain statistical data through telephone interviews; To obtain census data through field visits (if required); To follow up on self-enumerated cases through telephone; To conduct verification check on completed cases through telephone; and. Shortlisted applicants for the position of Enumerator or Enumerator (Census Service Centre) are required to attend a general training (8 hours) and a refresher training (8 hours) on data collection/verification duties. Many weren’t sure or didn’t know if their spouse or other family member had done so. We are not a nation whose population has close-knit social bonds. But the attempt to physically enumerate the people at the addresses where there was no response didn’t start until August 1 because of the pandemic. They feel entitled and under no obligation to make an effort to see their needs and rights are taken care of. The census will also require large supplies of PPE. We were instructed not to appeal to their civic duty or their obligation to fulfill their role in a democratic republic. I spoke to quite a few who did come to the door who said they were uneasy disclosing any information. It is normal for the first few interviews conducted by each enumerator will be of a lesser quality, so it is important that these can be discarded as ‘practice’ and not used as part of the dataset. https://makingsenseoftheworld.net/previous-posts/. And indeed that did happen for me in other cases. For access to or correction of personal data after submission of the application form or enquiries on recruitment matters, please contact us at 3428 2516 during office hours (8:45 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, except public holidays) or send an email to 21c_pilot_jobs@censtatd.gov.hk. I had been to a residence once (and there was no answer) and according to the database app other enumerators visited twice and actually talked with someone. A comprehensive field manual should list the following: The training time frame refers to the duration of the enumerator training, and depends on factors like: Further, keep the following points in mind when deciding the time frame: After the enumerator training is complete, the field coordinators (FCs), the survey firm, and the supervisors should coordinate to conduct the enumerator assessment. Who knows if they were immigrants without the proper legal paperwork or whether they just feared the anti-immigrant or racist rhetoric of the current administration. No. Who knows if that was to escape some hidden agenda or because they enjoyed such freedoms in the US that they didn’t want to relinquish their privacy as they might have been in their home country. College kids came home, people moved to what they thought were safer environs or consolidated as families. In New York City, the Census Bureau might need to hire close to 13,000 people. As we are just outside of Washington D.C., which attracts people from all around the world because of international relations and recognition, I dealt with many who had relocated from their home countries temporarily or permanently. Enumerator (Census Service Centre) (around 30 positions), non-final year students of local full-time accredited degree programmes; or students of local full-time accredited sub-degree programmes; and. As mentioned in the Administrator training section, maps are very important for a successful census Maps help make sense and order of the census area. I could hear their dogs barking, people speaking, etc. The tablet goes a long way in helping enumerators achieve this through the use of de-identified IDs, however enumerators must ensure all interactions with respondents adhere to the strictest degree of confidentiality. I think I have been an optimist most of my life but am having a hard time finding anything outside of my family to be optimistic about lately. U.S. Census Bureau Headquarters reads this sub. The first, and foremost, of the qualities of a good survey team is a commitment to the scientific method. The challenges for the Census team this year are huge. As an Equal Opportunities Employer, the Government is committed to eliminating discrimination in employment. but they would not come to the door. When I replied we could do it right then in five minutes he again said he was too busy, he would do it online this weekend and shut the door. Even in apartments in a hallway where four doors actually faced each other which I encountered several times, the neighbors knew next to nothing. They are used to keep track of progress, define the census area, help eliminate confusion, define supervisor and enumerator … I’m not answering any questions.”. But I impressed upon them that children’s ages and that of older folks were especially important to help fund schools and hospitals. They delayed the training, then delayed the training, then delayed the training. This means: If we deviate from this approach, for example by treating one group differently to all the others, we won’t be able to tell if the differences between that group and the others are down to actual differences or just responses to our differential treatments. Field practice can take the following forms: Keep the following things in mind regarding field practice: NOTE: The following is an observation checklist which facilitators can use to observe enumerators during field practice: Another criteria to evaluate enumerator performance during enumerator training is their participation throughout the training sessions. Enumerators must be instructed on what the scientific approach means for them: that they are committed to identifying the true situation on the ground, not one that seems to be real but rather arises from errors in the way we have measured opinions. This will be particularly important for projects lasting several weeks or requiring a significant amount of travel, both of which can result in enumerator fatigue. My training was good. They are used to keep track of progress, define the census area, help eliminate confusion, define supervisor and enumerator … Find 7 answers to 'How many hours is the training for an enumerator?' I’m retired and some of my recreation and volunteer activities were curtailed because of the pandemic. As our country moves in an autocratic direction and corruption ramps up, I understand the reluctance of many to divulge any information that could possibly be held against them should the boundaries between the US Census Bureau and other governmental departments be violated. He said he didn’t know whether he was going to live or die and why would I badger him? There was no way to navigate back to correct my entry. Thanks for the service you and Dennis provided. Your experiences saddened me. In the state of California, that can mean as many as 55,000 people. Always train more enumerators than are needed for the actual survey (or interview). Houses and apartments were frequently empty. The Census Bureau should dismiss enumerators who disregard public health mandates. It also acts as an important resource for enumerators during the field survey. I marked his case as “dangerous, do not contact again.” There was a Rolls Royce and a Porsche in his driveway. I interviewed the matriarch of the family and it became clear the girl’s knowledge of English was the best of the seven residents. Facilitators should observe each enumerator and take regular notes. The census is an important record that we must use to make effective decisions. The following are the main criteria for enumerator selection: Although quiz scores may seem like a highly academic criteria of enumerator assessment, they offer important feedback which field teams can use to improve the training sessions. Do you think the problems were a Trump effect? Across the nation roughly 60% responded and where I live in Fairfax County, Virginia it was 70%. This motivates enumerators to perform better. Have we done the best we can? I could often actually see the people inside. The entire application period is from 10:00 a.m. on 6 March 2020 to 6:00 p.m. on 26 March 2020.

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