aurora australis new zealand

But with the right conditions and the right location, the Aurora Australis will give you a night to remember. Although it’s extremely rare to get them overhead (due to the location New Zealand/Australia is on the map in relativity to the pole), you’ll be able to find them on the horizon if you look to the south during a night that the Aurora is active. p.s. Aurora Australis may be lesser known than Aurora Borealis (The Northern Lights), but it is just as impressive! This causes a geomagnetic storm, which tends to expand the aurora activity so that you can see it in New Zealand. Photographing the Aurora Australis was a dream come true and a check off my number one bucket list item! Welcome to Living in Another Language! It is the same phenomenon that occurs as its more famous, northern sibling the aurora … "Couple that with occasional interruptions from friendly sea lions, stargazing from this part of the world can be like nothing you've ever done before.". (Boseong), Korea: the country where random situations rule, Of 'Weird Wednesdays' and liebster awards, Weekly photo challenge: my korean happy meal, [Vietnam] $10 dollar scooters and free spray tans, Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique (Dr. Seuss). :). ", There are several tours in this rural region, including the two-hour. But after the long summer days, dark winter nights provide an idyllic setting for galactic views. That’s with the exception of Australia, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand and Antarctica. Plasma particles radiated by the sun collide with matter in our atmosphere and this excites these atoms and molecules and causes ionization and these atoms and molecules release this energy in the form of what we see as the swirly colours of the night sky. If you’re wanting to get your travel blog off on the right foot in all aspects: technical, monetary, and engagement, you NEED to take their courses. ", There's a perfect beach for every week of the year. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Yeosu world expo. "Over the past two years, passengers on the flight (all of whom get a window seat) have voyaged thousands of kilometers south of New Zealand into the heart of the auroral zone, where they get up close and personal with the Aurora Australis from the comfort of an Air New Zealand Dreamliner. It is scarcely populated and being over 90% a National Park, the conditions for star gazing are unmatched. Contact – Disclaimer, Welcome/Kia Ora! Aurora Australis - Südpolarlichter, The Hermitage, New Zealand Von Aaron Campbell Photography. The app uses your current location…and right now that’s the northern hemisphere for me). Some ideal Aurora viewing locations in New Zealand (South Island) are: Invercargill, Lake Tekapo, Dunedin, The Catlins, and Stewart Island (New Zealand’s southernmost island). The next flight departs from Christchurch on April 11, 2019. I need you to know that the Aurora Australis does not look the same to the naked eye as it does in the pictures you will snap.

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