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facts. And that junction — two anxious parts of the nation coming together in anger — spells big trouble for Mr. Macron’s government. But behind the anger was the much-contested figure of the president himself, a former investment banker who was elected two and half years ago promising to shake up a secure but sclerotic French system deemed too unfriendly to business, growth and job creation. “It’s him and everything he represents,” he said, adding: “Finance is governing.”, Mr. Varlet chimed in: “It was the best system in the world. The working class Commune took power in Paris. “We must restore order; things cannot continue this way.”. Are you interested in testing our corporate solutions? - Buttes-Chaumont, Things to Do in 7th Arr. "Frederique was an exceptional host- he made us feel warmly welcome, was a terrific story teller and helped us participate actively in the kitchen- learning new techniques, while feeling comfortable and confident!" changes to the status of the country’s railway workers, revamping of France’s voluminous labor code. Neither de Villiers nor Macron have said exactly how many more people they would like to kill, maim and jail to crush protests against deep social cuts opposed by two-thirds of the French people. "Smartphone penetration in France in 2019, by social category." After buying time, however, and with the complicity of the Prussian general staff, the French army under General Patrice de MacMahon invaded Paris in May and slaughtered the insurgent workers. Directly accessible data for 170 industries from 50 countries A paid subscription is required for full access. Please see our, Share of social network users in France in 2019, by level of income, Forecast of the number of social network users in France 2015-2025, Social network usage penetration in France 2009-2019, by gender, Social network usage penetration in France 2019, by city size, Social network usage penetration in France 2019, by income, Social network usage penetration in France 2019, by household size, Forecast of the Facebook user penetration rate in France 2015-2025, Frequency of using Twitter among users in France 2019, Share of young French adults using Instagram and Snapchat by age 2018, Share of teenagers with an Instagram account in France 2018, Social network usage by frequency in France 2020, Types of social network activities amongst children in France in 2020, Incidence of the different types of social network usage by the French 2019, Frequency of sharing on social media when going to a concert in France 2018, Frequency of sharing on social media when visiting a monument in France 2018, Frequency of sharing holiday posts on selected social media among French 2018, Leading social networks used weekly for news in France 2018, Share of French sharing their opinion about news topics on social networks 2019, Ranking of the most used social networks by companies in France 2018, Most implemented social media programs in companies in France 2018, The use of Twitter and Facebook for professional purposes in France 2018-2019, Share of intermediate size businesses using social networks in France 2018, The use of social networks for professional purposes in France 2018-2019, Social media training provided by companies in France 2018, by type of training, Social networks most used by companies according to company size France 2018, Social media platforms where influencers get the most engagement in France 2019, France's favorite social networks for shopping in 2019, Use of the shopping feature on Instagram among French 2018, Trust in the opinions of Internet users before a purchase France 2018, People who have been impacted by influencer marketing online in France 2018, by type, Social media use frequency for information on brands, firms, products in France 2019, Share of people trusting major social medias in France 2018, Trust in news circulating on social networks by issuer among French 2019, Concern about the use of personal data via social networks in France 2018, Distrust reasons towards Facebook among French users 2018, Reasons young people have for suppressing their social media profiles in France 2020, Share of young people deleting their social media account in France 2020, by age, Trust level French people have in Google and Facebook to ensure data protection 2019, Share of French having already faced harassment on social media 2019, Social network usage penetration in France 2019, by occupation, Canada: Instagram usage penetration 2015, by gender, Popular social media among 35-44 years in South Korea 2018, Ranking of mainly used social networks among French aged 16-25 years old 2018, Peru: social media user share in Lima 2018, by platform, Argentina: social media penetration by age group 2019, Most important social media websites to users in the United Kingdom (UK) 2013-2014, Social media ranked in Italy 2019, by users, Social networks ranked by importance among users in the United Kingdom (UK) 2014, Peru: Lima's Gen Z leading social networks 2018, Kids with online profile on social networks in Norway 2010-2018, by age and gender, Canada: Facebook usage penetration 2015, by language group, GER from first to eight grade Rajasthan India FY 2018 by gender, Administrative websites usage penetration France 2011-2019, by social class, Mexico: desktop computer use 2016, by age & region, Online shopping penetration in Latvia 2013-2019, by education, Employer-provided pension plans for U.S. employees by education 2018, Find your information in our database containing over 20,000 reports, Tools and Tutorials explained in our Media Centre. This feature is limited to our corporate solutions. The Local. You need a Single Account for unlimited access. Trains remained at a standstill while the unions held a nationwide strike over the government’s pension reform. “What will play for Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe,” his prime minister, “is public opinion,” said Mr. Garrigues, the political historian. Trains, subways and buses were canceled, many schools were closed, and thousands were forced to stay home from work across the country. On Thursday, it was Mr. Macron who united their popular anger once again, exactly as he did a year ago when members of the protest movement known as the Yellow Vests guillotined him in effigy on the country’s roundabouts. The problem for Mr. Macron is that this approach irritates his fellow citizens as well. The decisive task now is to warn the working class and mobilize it politically against the threat of state repression. This statistic presents the penetration of smartphones in France in 2019, by social class. CRÉDOC, & ARCEP. As soon as this statistic is updated, you will immediately be notified via e-mail. What is more, on March 5, 2019, the Council of Europe called on France to “suspend the use” of nonlethal bullet weapons. These are the best places for kid-friendly classes & workshops in Paris: Which places provide the best classes & workshops in Paris for couples? Not only do they promote the union bureaucracy’s attempts to negotiate a reactionary deal with Macron, but they cover up plans within the state machine for militarized repression. The intensity of these class antagonisms underlies the extraordinary buildup of military and police forces across the globe. But it doesn’t reassure them. Led by liberal historian Adolphe Thiers, the French Third Republic killed an estimated 20,000 workers and arrested 60,000. Please contact us to get started with full access to dossiers, forecasts, studies and international data. The government was forced to listen, and keep a check on police repression, for as long as there was popular support for that movement.

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