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<> Students performing at this level need to work on identified learning gaps to ensure future success. (. Determining a report card grade involves teacher interpretation of evidence and should reflect the student’s most consistent level of achievement, with special consideration given to more recent evidence. - students are actively engaged in this assessment process—that is, they monitor their own learning, use assessment feedback from teacher, self and peers to determine next steps, and set individual learning goals. - the process of collecting and interpreting evidence for the purpose of summarizing learning at a given point in time, to make judgments about the quality of student learning on the basis of established criteria, and to assign a value to represent that quality. represents achievement that falls much below the provincial standard. Level 1 represents achievement that falls much below the provincial standard. Students must work at significantly improving learning in specific areas, as necessary, if they are to be successful in the next grade/course. x��;]o�:����h]ĊH�� �,�4����w�n�8�>(�����V��g���%��^M�����ۮ��]����e�Ջ�f�8�������7������}�Tw������m���n6]����>��>�|�p�UDBF7w?�(�"�Z$���L���?��c&�G7�}�p PR�z���������^�"U&����S(��%���Q&URȨ�i"�h�(~[��M}�D�Bt���(:���o_�4���D^9��T&��(|�6?㹞��٬��j���[�Gq>��=�����p��h}7A�gI���K�a+. Level 3 represents the provincial standard for achievement. The student demonstrates the specified knowledge and skills with considerable effectiveness. In Grades 1-8, the code "I" may be used to indicate that insufficient evidence is available to determine a letter grade or a percentage mark. Evaluation is a judgment made about the assessments of student learning, based on established and shared success criteria. endobj Formal reporting to parents occurs regularly throughout the school year. Students achieving at level 3 can be confident of being prepared for work in subsequent grades/courses. <> Understanding the Secondary Report Card (presentation) Learning Skills Fact Sheet - Sample Interactions Learning Skills Definitions and Response Form Assignments for evaluation may involve group projects as long as each student’s work within the group project is evaluated independently and assigned an individual mark, as opposed to a common group mark. represents achievement that approaches the provincial standard. Term Two Elementary Report Cards Updated June 18, 2015 Will I get a report card for my child in elementary school? <>>> fulfils responsibilities and commitments within the learning environment, completes and submits class work, homework, and assignments according to agreed-upon timelines, takes responsibility for and manages own behaviour, devises and follows a plan and process for completing work and tasks, establishes priorities and manages time to complete tasks and achieve goals, identifies, gathers, evaluates, and uses information, technology, and resources to complete tasks, independently monitors, assesses, and revises plans to complete tasks and meet goals/li>, uses class time appropriately to complete tasks, follows instructions with minimal supervision. identifies achievement that surpasses the provincial standard. 65 Mount Royal Circle, Brampton, ON L6P2K4 Phone: 905-794-4733 Fax: 905-794-4737 1 0 obj Students performing at this level need to work on identified learning gaps to ensure future success. 3 0 obj represents the provincial standard for achievement. No. %PDF-1.5 Students with Individual Education Plans will follow the same formal reporting period. Assessment is the process of gathering, from a variety of sources, information that accurately reflects how well a student is achieving the curriculum expectation in a subject or course.

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