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It takes, on average, 3 to 6 months following the submission of a complete application. The history of some roads and their subsequent naming might sometimes be obvious. St. Lawrence's Ward (named after the patron saint of Canada and the river) remains, known today as "St. Lawrence". He built Danforth’s Road by 1799, but continued to be heavily in debt and wasn’t adequately paid by the Canadian government, who complained about the quality of the road and didn’t trust Americans at the time. It was a separate city until the 1998 amalgamation. The centre of Toronto’s financial district wasn’t always so distinguished. It was built throughout the 18th century and named for the Right Honourable Henry Dundas, Viscount Melville, the British secretary of state for the home department, and previous Lord Advocate for Scotland. Wayne Gretzky, who owned Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant on the same street, then pitched the name change idea to honour the team’s win(s). Refresh and try again. They do not replace the legal name of the street. Any name on behalf of an individual, event or organization requires the written consent of the named party or the named party’s representative. Then make a recommendation to community council. Edith Boulton, the beloved wife of piano magnate Samuel Nordheimer, was her husband's inspiration for naming their beautiful house and estate Glen Edyth, now recalled in Glen Edyth Drive. Today, Bloor Street (no one is really sure where the ‘e’ went) is approximately 25 kilometres long and includes the Mink Mile, which is the most expensive place in Canada to lease retail space. Since the 1998 amalgamation, it is administered together with old Toronto, and separate from Scarborough, North York, and Etobicoke-York, by the "Toronto and East York Neighbourhood Council". Wood later owned 50 acres of land at Yonge and Carlton Streets, which locals named Molly Wood’s Bush. Frederick Hubbard was the general manager of the Scarboro Beach Amusement Park, a place designed to entertain fun seekers in the Beaches from 1907-1925. What is the process to request to name or rename or to assign a ceremonial name to a street? They settled on land between Sheppard and Finch, east of Yonge, in 1797, and then built a sawmill on the Don River near Finch and Bayview in 1819. Ceremonial naming assigns a secondary name to a street that already has an official name. [7], Because Toronto is a populous municipality of its own, the core city area will continue to be split into coded districts, although each of the districts will in turn contain neighbourhoods. She was able to give Sir Francis Bond Head valuable information about the rebel numbers prior to him organizing his troops. Staff may contact the applicant for more information. by Firefly Books, Toronto Street Names: An Illustrated Guide to Their Origins. We’d love your help. Danforth is credited for cutting the first road through thick forests in Scarborough. A request to assign a ceremonial name to the street requires: What is the difference between naming or renaming a street and assigning a ceremonial name to a street? Names such as that of Henry Dundas,” reads the petition. The "former" City of Toronto is, by far, the most populous and densest part of the city. North York is sometimes divided to two sections by Yonge Street: an east section and a west section. Originally, this street was an extension of Peter Street, named for Peter Russell, the first administrator in York. List of Street Names in City of Barrie, Ontario, Maps and Streets Views. When the city amalgamated that year, Toronto grew to encompass the former municipalities of York, East York, North York, Etobicoke, and Scarborough. After the update of Toronto Multiple listing service (MLS) on July 5, 2011, the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) introduced a new search feature for the Toronto MLS, used by real estate agents operating in the region. Weston was independent of York until 1967. Descendants of the original Kummers were none-too-pleased when Cummer Avenue ended up on a Toronto-based condom design a few years back. It’s impossible to scratch the surface of Toronto’s history without John Montgomery’s tavern being noted. Some of these serve a particular ethnic group or several similar ethnic groups as part of an ethnic enclave. There was a ward named for the patron saint of each of the three British nationalities: English (St. George), Scottish (St. Andrew), Welsh (St. David) and Irish (St. Patrick). and Bayview. The following are List of roads in Toronto divided by direction. Initially the request was rejected by the city services committee, who said the name change and renumbering would make it look like they were catering to the rich and famous. Requests must meet the […] Dundas Street is made up more than a dozen smaller streets, which gives it a crooked feel throughout the downtown area. Harrison Road was named after William Harrison, a Reformer who died from wounds inflicted in the Rebellion of 1837. Can a street have a ceremonial name in honour of an individual, event or organization? Prior to his exile, he cursed anyone involved in his unfair judgement by saying, “These perjurers…will never die a natural death, and when you, sir, and the jury shall have died and perished in hell’s flames, John Montgomery will yet be living on Yonge Street.” He outlived his accusers, and was compensated for just a portion of the loss of his business in 1873. The lives of brewers, politicians, architects, royalty, explorers and farmers can be traced in the city's street names. Leonard and his wife live in Toronto. Street names provide a highly visible record of a city's past, commemorating the people and events that have shaped the place. Etobicoke is on the west side of the Humber River. Because of his horrible experience with an alcoholic father, Ketchum was a strong supporter of the anti-liquor/Temperance movement, and so after the rebellion when he moved his tannery to New York he donated some of his land to be used for Temperance Hall on Temperance Street. He has taught courses on theater at York, U of T, Guelph and the Ontario College of Art, and he has written and performed in numerous radio and television shows. Each of these former municipalities still maintains, to a certain degree, its own distinct identity, and the names of these municipalities are still used by their residents, sometimes for disambiguation purposes as amalgamation resulted in duplicated street names. By using the Street Naming Application Form, Consent of Named Party Form and Consent of Named Party’s Representative Form, you can request to name, rename or assign a ceremonial name to a City street. Clair. Named for Alexander Wood, a Scot with an imported goods shop on the northwest corner of King and Frederick where the first sidewalk of Toronto was laid. Much of the housing stock in these areas consists of pre-World War II single-family houses and post-war high-rises. These names are symbolic, usually to honour an individual, event or an organization. A project to map the neighbourhoods according to the common usage of the residents was done by the Toronto Star newspaper.

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