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Dukat summons the fire, which engulfs Winn Adami, vaporizing her, but not before she yells to Sisko to focus on the book. "What You Leave Behind" is the series finale of the television show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the 175th and 176th episodes, the 25th and 26th episodes of the seventh season. "Then I'll stop you! The Celestial Temple, now the resting place of Benjamin Sisko. "Then why are you the one on your knees?" And I'm not just speaking of the Bajoran occupation. [1], The final day of filming took place at Vic's lounge. Winn and Dukat get their just deserts, but neither of their fates are thrilling or insightful. ", "The Dominion has spent the last two years trying to destroy the Federation, and now you're asking me to put our fate in their hands? "Human-PaH. The Battle of Cardassia reaches the planet itself. ", "Your time of trial has ended. Dukat soon bends over in pain, having been poisoned. The final scene of the episode concludes with a completely computer generated Deep Space 9, for the first time. Beaming down to the surface, Kira is shocked at how different the Great Link appears, sickly and green. A one-stop shop for all things video games. On DS9, as the couples take to the dance floor, Sisko suddenly has a strong sensation. "Even Quark?" Ok so, major events first. Bashir says he hopes they will see each other again. Back on Bajor, Dukat and the Kai have reached their final destination in the Fire Caves. As they tumble through the flames, Dukat and the book disintegrate, but Sisko suddenly materializes in the Celestial Temple. The two are enjoying their new relationship. Ka DiJaQ. Sisko suddenly finds himself in the Celestial Temple, where Sarah tells him that the Pah-wraiths, with Dukat, have been returned to their prison in the fire caves and will never emerge again with the Book destroyed and it is time for him to rest with the Prophets, having completed his task. As emergency power comes on, Broca announces that the power disruption was due to an act of sabotage by civilians. The Dominion is cornered and the Alliance prepares to move in for the kill. The end of the war is not the same as the end of the show. They all agree they should continue onwards, until the Dominion has been thoroughly defeated. [...] Given all the build-up, this wasn't much of a resolution. The ex-Kai says she is offering him as a sacrifice for the Pah-wraiths; who better than Dukat? As everyone gives the moment pause, Captain Sisko lifts his glass in a toast to his crew: "To the best crew any captain ever had. On Bajor, Dukat (still appearing as a Bajoran) enters the quarters of Kai Winn Adami, having regained his vision through the "forgiveness" of the Pah-wraiths. But, alas, even Vic has better plans than Quark – he departs with a beautiful date to see Jimmy Durante and Peter Lawford at the Sands. Sisko says she has to stay alive in order to order the retreat of the Jem'Hadar. With the Female Changeling facing years (possibly a lifetime) of incarceration, Odo vows to be the one who delivers the cure to the Great Link, and tells Kira that he will be rejoining the Great Link for good. Odo's cure spreads throughout his people, saving them all as the Link changes back to its natural golden brown. With the die cast and Farrell out of DS9, the writers seized the opportunity to create a new Trill character, Ezri Dax (Nicole de Boer), who received the Dax symbiote and joined the show as the space station's Counselor. Keith DeCandido praised this move in his review. And now, so much of it is lost. Winn grabs the Book of the Kosst Amojan, intending to cast it into the fire pit, but it suddenly appears in Dukat's hands. "[5], This episode was novelized by Diane Carey, who would also go on to novelize Star Trek: Voyager's finale, "Endgame". As a key element of the story arc, Epsicokhan stated "it's almost as if there simply wasn't time to deal with the death of the man who would've been the leader of a new Cardassia. The cease-fire treaty, revealing the episode's stardate of 52902.0. Kira goes to crack the whip on Quark, who had been taking bets on the selection of the next Kai, the Colonel banning all betting pools under penalty of Quark spending some time in the holding cells; the confrontation reminiscent of a similar encounter between the two many years earlier.

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