Abdul Samad

I love you both. Watched Secret and Kill me Heal me dramas and could tell no one can suit his roles except him. Hey, I never thought such kind of hero in Korea. i can't afford to see him with other leading females as his loveteam. !i saw ur first drama kill me heal me and i completely fell for your charm!! But it's strange I watched it till the very end :))q actually wating for last 4 episodes. FIGHTING! She is your world now. Daffodil8796 Feb 02 2017 11:36 am Stella Doan Mar 26 2015 9:55 pm Ji sung oppa hwaiting! Keep up the good work!He's not only a good looking man but a awesome actor!I've been watching the TV series SECRET LOVE and I love it! P.s Who cares if he is married it's not like we're going to date him or anything. I also admire his singing talent. Yo!! I can only agree with your fitting sentiments, friends! He's definitely one of the best actors of all time and certainly one of my fave. I hope he gets another award for his drama Doctor John, he really deserves it! Love you cute ajushi. My favourite actor ?? Ji Sung is not underrated but rather, the more popular actors (beautiful face but can't freaking act) are overrated. You have such a great talent!!! Ji-Sung Park creado en Blender Face ID - 165889 (Park Ju Young) ... FIFA 20 - How to Create Park Ji Sung - Gameface - Duration: 4:01. ji sung is very sweet and cute.... Levy Jan 18 2012 10:59 pm I love you Oppa.. Candy Aug 25 2014 8:02 am I have been watching New Heart and I must say Ji Seong broke mine many times in the last 24 hours worth of episodes. Please give him more dramas. HAIL JI SUNG. the plot was also very clever and exciting. he deserves the shiniest award for his role in KMHM, agassi santi Feb 21 2015 5:57 am His overall rating is 91. Azzie Apr 03 2015 5:55 pm Lilia89 Mar 06 2012 4:26 am You better treat Lee Bo Young good like you did before marrying her! He's so cute especially his eyes, so damn beautiful. This guy became superhot after serving in the military. really like your tv series, save the last dance and your acting as well.. hope to see another romantic drama of yours. He's talented, versatile, and very entertaining. Ji Sung, I'm inlove with you! fighting!!! The guy is incredible, he's managing to play multiple completely different personalities so convincingly, giving them a nuanced, natural and sensitive portrayal. Jemima Apr 14 2015 5:37 am He is versatile and talented. Later I kept looking out for your drama. He prefers to shoot with his right-footed and weak foot is 3. He's definitely one of the best korean actor, and he's just so handsome, my heart was so taken. Zara Jul 17 2018 1:39 pm I'm watching this drama. You are good!!! His best attributes are: stamina 98, composure 95, reactions 95, interceptions 94, ball control 93, dribbling 92. Oppa, u hve smile killer, n your charm...i fell for that. Defendant! mana Jan 18 2012 9:25 am I started to love him after watching Secret Love, although I did not like him at first... Now I am going to watch Protect the Boss because of Ji Sung oppa. it can ve absolutely sexy like Min Hyuk or Segi or so gentle like Cha Do Hyun <3 love you love you love you forever and kill me heal is super amazing and you are super amazing !!! Lyla Sep 27 2009 8:51 am Yo~ Na~ Jul 09 2015 10:24 pm Shelley Wigham Mar 04 2016 12:46 pm im going to watch secret love right now! His action, chemistry and style everything is perfect. Ji Sung your acting is MIND-BLOWING! saranghae!!! I don't care whatever u think...but he's one of the most hottest guy I have ever seen. they have totally good chemistry! Fighting! I've first seen him in the Save the Last Dance for me. Screw you [..... Insert any hot k actor name here ] He looks beter now then before i like him very much. omg I just knew he already married :OOOOOOOOOOOO, teresa Dec 01 2013 8:21 am Lee Bo-young is one lucky girl to have someone like Ji Sung. I really fell in love with his personalities in Kill Me Heal Me, i can't even start a new drama because i still think of KMHL ! ji sung ssi you are my love!! Funny, but my adjectives never runs out for this drama. I just noticed him when I watch protect the boss. I admit at first when I saw your picture , I didn't find you very handsome (SORRY SORRY I know it was a very big mistake) but I WAS SO WRONG!!!!!! One of the best actor. Anita Sep 08 2019 11:59 am I love all of his work. I love his amazing talent and his beautifull smile. One of my fave Korean actor. He, and Hwang Jung Eum saved this drama. Secret Love has a great story. How is he that old? I am greedy to watch him- so he have to make new project soon! . My guess is that Min-Hyuk's personality in the secret of love and Cha Do Hyun is closest to Ji Sung, he is confident in acting, there is a predatory nature inside him behind calmness There is no need to be rude if want to look cool. you are one of my fav actors now. Fatima Feb 08 2015 1:23 am I know you got married only a year ago and may be spending this time with you're wife which Makes me really envy her, but congratulations! Ji Sung-ssi is daebak! Ji Sung in Defendant is his best drama ever. I am always looking forward to his next projects. Wish you from all my heart a happy marriage.!!!! Park bo young is a lucky woman. yeah!! I fell for Shin Se Gi, the bad boy. gretchen Jul 16 2012 12:02 pm I cried with you on Secret. And now “ Defendant “ ..the acting is second to none ..absolutely fantastic .. Anyway I will always cheer for you and love you. His acting is no joke. Love you oppa! I was hooked. I love Ji Sung. i love his role in Secret Love and his movie MyPSPartner . Stay strong. I like all the personalities in kill me heal me .but I trullyyyyyyyyyyy like shin se gi .I am trullyyyyyyyyyyy Impressed by the character . and both of you did a great job, i fell for shin se gi. He is always in his best in all the dramas he had.. Ji Sung a fine actor...love you in Terms of endearment and Secret... hope to see you in more dramas...good luck! Isugu Deborah jethrude loveth-(I.D.J.L.) i wish you good luck in your next project. anon Mar 16 2018 11:41 am I know you'll be an amazing father as well and your daughter will be very happy to have a father like you. Thank you to all of you who make these series ..you are all just superb. - I won't compare him. I Love your bad boy image and I like you so much in "Secret Love".. You really bring justice to your role.. Keep up the good work.. } Liked him in Secret Love, didn't know his wife was the main actress in 14 Days, I love her acting in that drama! thanks!!!!! She is a beautiful woman who I'm sure will make you happy. I hope that another drama will reunite these 2 awesome actors ! . I hope when i come to korea, i can greet n meet you^^ Hey you! I'm not from korea. Emine Jul 25 2009 7:25 am Really love ur acting in 'Kill Me Heal Me' ~. mari loves oppa Nov 01 2013 2:01 pm Create and share your own FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Squad.

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